AGAP International SARL

Years of Experience

Based in Monaco, Antonio Bertelli founded AGAP International SARL with a goal of becoming the worldwide seafood trading company, working with all the major fish producers in order to give customers an excellent service. We invited Antonio Bertelli to talk to us about his company and the inspiration behind his services.

Incorporated in 1998, AGAP International is an ambitious company brimming with expertise and a team bursting with knowledge and knowhow. The firm specialises on the tradition and distribution of frozen fish worldwide, importing and exporting from/ to over an extraordinary 30 countries.

AGAP International relies on the best seafood supplier from around the world who work alongside the firm to produce the high-quality products which are suitable for several different markets. Having started the company himself, Antonio started off the discussion by explaining what separates AGAP International apart from other international companies.

“In many cases, our competitors focus on the ‘ easy products or on easy origin products ’, and this means that they might not take care of the assortment and availability of other less strategical, but more profitable items.

“Additionally, we identified our company to our customers/suppliers as a reliable partner to consolidate the sale with. Throughout the years, we have always kept this a priority alongside maintain long term relationships and reciprocate respect.

Antonio provides us with many examples which highlight how successful he and the company has been. He talks about the long-term relationships that the company has built, and how this aspect of the company’s work has benefitted its clients.

“The relationships both myself and the company have built up over 30 years, as I previously worked for another business in their purchase department for 10 years, and this is by far the most winning card for this kind of business. Travelling all over the world to visit suppliers and customers worldwide has seen me keep in close contact with my clients, and subsequently form a solid partnership with clients, meaning we can look for potential new producers or customers, which will in turn enlarge the portfolio and availability of clients.”

When looking at the current trends and issues across the industry sector, Ant discusses the opportunities which have presented themselves to many competitors, as well as challenges, including the rigid and structured documentation now required by European countries.

“The documentation required by the European countries is becoming very rigid and is penalising our imports from overseas countries; as other big and strong importers like the ones from US and China which possess a big advantage compared to the European ones, due to their being less red tape in this specific business.”

Describing the client base at present, Antonio looks to work with small, medium importers, meaning he can guide them into new boundaries that they have not reached before, and maybe do not about yet, as the companies work together to grow step by step. He tells us what his clients typically say about his work and what aspect of working with them he enjoys the most.

“Generally, I trade products, I do not produce myself, and therefore the customers appreciate the brand and the quality I suggest to them to take which is suitable to their needs. Seeing companies achieve success is one of the most satisfactory aspects of my work.”

Discussing what role staff have played in the success of the firm, Ant says that they have contributed to the strategy and success of the
company. He talks about the loyalty and nature of the firm, noting that he has worked with most of his staff since he established AGAP International.

“The majority of the staff started with me since the beginning, they have their sphere of activity and independency, and we do spend our free time together, as we get to know each other better by sharing hobbies and also enjoying team building.”

Looking to build on the success that he has currently achieved, Ant is confident about what the future holds for AGAP, and in his concluding comments, he outlines what plans he has in the times ahead for the company, as well as stating what characteristics and attributes people must be careful with before venturing into new opportunities.

“Moving forward, we hope to keep growing, opening new markets and consolidating the relationship
with the existing ones. Ultimately, the main aim is to acquire more market shares worldwide; as our business is still very fragmentated and there is still a good opportunity to grow all over the markets. A further part of our vision is to keep on growing slowly but constantly, just as we did in the last 20 years, starting up new companies with younger collaborators who might bring new ideas to our business.

“For the new generation, I guess it is important they realise that the company can suffer any consequences of their decisions and should be treated with care like a baby since it cannot defend itself. The reason being, if you keep it light, not exceeding with costs or expenses, and if you take care of the profit carefully, it could be your heritage for further generations.”

Company: AGAP International SARL
Contact: Antonio Bertelli
Address: 15, rue Princesse Antoinette, Palais Hirondelle, MC 98000, Monaco
Phone: 00 377 97708866