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Best Emerging Fund Manager - Balkans & Best Frontier Markets Equity Fund (Since Inception): BEF Fund

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund (BEF Fund) started investing in August 2010, and it is therefore now already in its seventh (7th) calendar year of publishing independently verified & audited track record. BEF Fund provided its investors with around 90% net return since the start of its investing.

Balkan Emerging Frontiers is a fully regulated fund focused on the stock markets of the Western Balkans (countries of former Yugoslavia), which have huge potential. Regional stock markets are uncorrelated with global markets. They are still very inefficient and there are plenty of investment opportunities available.

Western Balkans (countries of former Yugoslavia), is region with the largest stock prices growth potential globally!

There is tremendous short-term growth potential in Western Balkans capital markets, as some of the regional stock exchange indices are lagging behind the most in whole world. They have not improved much since decrease; some of them are still at only around 10% of 2007's highs. They have huge growth potential to catch up with global indices and valuations.

The Investment Manager has 19 years of valuable experience in investing and managing investments in the region, almost from the start of the privatization process. They have excellent contacts in the region, and so they are capable to access and evaluate information quickly in order to exploit investment opportunities by active management and also by activist approach.

Fund’s objective is to provide investors with a net return series that over multiple years exceeds that of the major developed, emerging, frontier & local indices.

Time for investing is quickly running out! When Balkan will be once again on newspapers’ headlines, it will be too late!

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund



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