Corsis LLC

U.S. Systems and Due Diligence Provider of the Year

At Corsis, we believe that companies need the right tools to establish proper operational disciplines, meet demanding business challenges and foster continuous improvement throughout their organizations. It is based on this tenet that we created the Corsis Confidence IndexTM (CCI). This powerful Information Technology Business Intelligence tool allows companies to assess their operations against specific documented best-practices as well as business and industry specific key performance indicators.

Our mission at Corsis, throughout our 22 year history, has been to enable businesses to manage their information technology operations up to their full potential. We do this by establishing a consistent, standardized methodology of best practices and key performance indicators. A methodology that not only raises confidence in their IT operations, but produces valuable data for faster and better decision-making.

We do this through a custom SaaS application, which is powered by our proprietary Corsis Confidence IndexTM methodology. This powerful Information Technology Business Intelligence tool allows companies to assess their operations against documented best-practices and industry specific KPIs. Our process identifies high and low risk areas of a business and can assist with remediating issues. Importantly, our process facilitates your company's 100-day plan or technology roadmap. Long-term, our tool facilitates oversight of a company’s technology operations and provides clear, actionable reporting to management.

One of the key strengths of the Corsis Confidence Index™ is its applicability to the buy-side or sell-side due diligence process. It was initially developed to provide private equity firms, venture capital companies and other investors with the decision making tools necessary to guide them. We now maintain particular strength not only across the Private Equity and Investment marketplace, but we also have built a thriving practice in the Healthcare, eCommerce, Media and Publishing spaces, among several other areas.

“We have seen a significant increase in M&A activity over the past year as investors put added weight on the technology component of their deals. The level of clarity that the Corsis Confidence Index™ provides allows clients to maximize deal value while minimizing risk,” said David Barnett, Founder and COO.

Through detailed focus and continued innovation, Corsis will continue to build a consulting service that transforms technology from a risk to be feared into an asset that unleashes growth.

We are very pleased to be named the U.S. Systems and Due Diligence Provider of the Year for the third year in a row by Acquisition International. Receiving this award validates our investment in time and resources over the years to build a game-changing model for evaluating a company’s information technology operations.

As a boutique consulting company focused on a specific set of markets, our reputation for delivering a unique product offering while providing exceptional customer service and support is vital to our success. Being recognized for this award by the industry and our peers is truly an honor.


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