NickJen Capital Management: Best Natural Resources Discretionary Strategy


Best Natural Resources Discretionary Strategy

NickJen Capital Management

NickJen Capital Management has three principals who bring over 90 years of market experience from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds.  We are a Commodity Trading Advisor with offices located in both New York and London. 

The NRD-1 is a Natural Resource, discretionary, commodity only program co-managed by Nicholas Gentile and Steve Lampe.  Trading is discretionary and uses both fundamental and technical analysis, with the ultimate determination based on fundamentals. Trading decisions are developed through highly extensive, statistically based analysis, review of supply and demand conditions, inventory levels, weather developments and forecasts and economic trends and reports.  This in conjunction with the managers in depth knowledge of markets and physical commodity trading experience is also strengthened by our vast network of industry contacts developed over 25 plus years. No position is taken unless both traders are in agreement on position level, profit objective and trading plan.

The program incorporates flat price directional trading composed of intraday, medium and long term trades in tandem with relative value trades consisting of inter commodity strategies, Arbs and both seasonal and calendar spreads.  Options are utilized as a small percentage of the portfolio.

NickJen Capital utilizes a fully integrated and scalable risk system and has a strong focus on operations and controls.  For more information about the NRD-1 program contact Lisa Parrinelli at [email protected].