Syquant Capital: Best Arbitrage Multi Strategy Hedge Fund


Best Arbitrage Multi Strategy Hedge Fund

Syquant Capital


Founded in 2005, Syquant Capital is an independent asset manager accredited by the French regulator AMF

Syquant Capital is an independent and entrepreneurial asset manager founded in 2005 and based in Paris, France. The firm focuses on “absolute performance” and offers its invest­ment style through the Helium Opportunities and the Helium Performance funds.

AUM total US$ 725million across the different funds which focus on equity arbitrage strategies: merger arbitrage, Event Driven and some complementary quantitative long / short strategies. Strict risk management and a strong attention to maximum draw down are part of the firm’s DNA. 85% of the investor base are institutional investors (incl. Family Offices).

The Helium Opportunities fund offers a strategy mix of different equity arbitrage strategies to achieve a high Sharpe ratio. With a performance target of L+300bp / L+400bp and a realized volatility of 1%, the Helium Opportunities fund is now in a "sweet spot" for investors looking for fixed income alternatives in their "Cash+" allocations. With a historic Sharpe of 3, this fund is now solidly anchored in the "Cash+" with many institutional investors.

The Helium Performance fund offers a different strategy mix to offer a Sharpe ratio > 1.5 with a performance target >6% and an average volatility of 4%.

All funds are UCITS regulated funds and have consistently achieved their risk adjusted return targets.

Nine investment professionals (including 5 senior portfolio managers with over 15 years professional experience each) have a specific strategy focus and the CIO (Henri Jeantet) and the Co-CIO (Xavier Morin) share the responsibility of weighting the different strategies and the leverage in the different Helium funds.