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Thinking Outside the Box

Rosenbaum IP is an outcome oriented intellectual property firm, specializing in IP portfolio asset value building. We caught up with AI’s Leading Complex Intellectual Property Attorney of the Year, Illinois and Rosenbaum IP’s Chairman & CEO, David G. Rosenbaum who showcased the extraordinary work that the award-winning attorneys provide to their clients.

Established in 1988, Rosenbaum IP combines professional skills with technology experience to focus and position IP portfolios in a way that maximizes asset value to assist our client’s in achieving their business outcomes. Today, the firm provides a full spectrum of intellectual property legal services in a diverse range of technology and commercial disciplines.

Since their inception, the Rosenbaum IP team have worked with countless clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. Going into further detail, David begins by informing us a bit more about the clients the firm serves and how the team approaches both new and past clients.

“Here at Rosenbaum IP, we serve a broad range of clients from startups to post-revenue companies. Our clients are international in scope and are across a large technology spectrum and market-positions. Additionally, we also represent a large number of universities and research institutions.

“Many of our new clients have been referred to us by our current or past clients. Moreover, none of our attorneys are reticent to pick up the phone and make direct contact with potential clients we are interested in working with.”

Working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines are met, an impeccable service is provided and that clients’ expectations are surpassed, is the experienced, hard-working and committed team which forms the backbone of Rosenbaum IP. When discussing the internal culture at Rosenbaum IP, David is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm, even noting the practice’s approach to bringing in new staff members.

“At Rosenbaum IP, our staff are vital to the success of our firm. We strive to work in a ‘flat’ environment where each professional and staff member work in parallel with each other and without hierarchy. As a result, we attract staff on the basis of our above-the-line principles that define our culture. All new staff are hired on the foundation of the outcomes they can deliver, a wiliness to be measured and to be held accountable.”

As for what the future holds for the firm, the team at Rosenbaum IP will continue to deliver an exceptional service to their clients, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which have been set but that they also surpass their expectations. Bringing the interview to a close, David signs off by touching on some of the challenges which both the firm and the industry are currently facing, and reveals how Rosenbaum IP will overcome any obstacles that come their way.

“…none of our attorneys are reticent to pick up the phone and make direct contact with potential clients we are interested in working with.”

“Like all IP firms, our firm is currently in the midst of a generational evolution of the Intellectual Property field. As technology continues to permeate human endeavours, the role of Intellectual Property is becoming an even more significant aspect of business as well as social, economic, governmental effect and policy. The changing international landscape of IP law and economic development present unique challenges that we are consistently evaluating and mindful of.

“Moving forward, I fully expect our firm to continue to grow and evolve in parallel with the changes in the IP field, as well as in alignment with our clients in a manner that ensures that we consistently maximize the value-focused service we deliver to our clients.”

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