Matt Kirchner - Atonix Digital
Simplifying Asset Performance Management
Atonix Digital develops and offers a suite of software solutions to help businesses and utilities to boost efficiency, increase the
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Penetration testing - Synack
Innovative Crowdsourced Penetration Testing
Penetration testing is supposed to help organizations find and fix vulnerabilities in their systems before criminal hackers can exploit them.
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Why digital could be the saviour of the UK high streets - Acquisition International Magazine
Why digital could be the saviour of the UK high streets
Time does not seem to be the best healer when it comes to the plight of UK high streets, with
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Stretchonomics Nick Pye - Acquisition International Magazine
The biggest brand gambles of all time and what can we learn from them
Much of business, and in particular growth, is about the management of risk. In any industry the ability to understand
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How much are companies spending on employee breaks
How much are companies spending on employee breaks?
Keeping a close eye on your companies’ finances is an important role – but do you know how much your
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AI-Based Resource Management - Can Do
AI-Based Resource Management
Can Do has been one of the leading providers of solutions for resource and project management for almost an impressive
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Leading Insolvency and Asset Recovery Expert
Grant Thornton BVI Ltd specialises in providing recovery and restructuring services for or to companies registered in the BVI and
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Integra - Acquisition International Magazine 1
Creating Innovative Digital Content Solutions
Integra is a leading digital content services company providing innovative source-to-publish solutions to global publishers and digital learning solutions to
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Appletree Capital LLP - Acquisition International Magazine
Aligning Interests
AppleTree Capital LLP is an awarded independent financial advisor, specializing in Emerging Markets and Absolute Return strategies. Recently, we profiled
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Sophia Papagregoriou DigitalMR Acquisition International Magazine
Producing Accurate Insights for Data Driven Organisations
DigitalMR is a technology company which uses Artificial Intelligence for market research and customer insights. Recently the firm found success
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Pio-Tech Defined by True Innovation 2
Defined by True Innovation
Pio-Tech is a business solutions provider that has become, over the last sixteen years, defined by an innovation-first approach that
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Procurement Fraud: The Corporate Landscape’s Nemesis
As bakery chain Patisserie Valerie plunges into administration following allegations of fraud from third party contractors, we explore the issues
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