Integra - Acquisition International Magazine 1
Creating Innovative Digital Content Solutions
Integra is a leading digital content services company providing innovative source-to-publish solutions to global publishers and digital learning solutions to
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Appletree Capital LLP - Acquisition International Magazine
Aligning Interests
AppleTree Capital LLP is an awarded independent financial advisor, specializing in Emerging Markets and Absolute Return strategies. Recently, we profiled
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Sophia Papagregoriou DigitalMR Acquisition International Magazine
Producing Accurate Insights for Data Driven Organisations
DigitalMR is a technology company which uses Artificial Intelligence for market research and customer insights. Recently the firm found success
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Pio-Tech Defined by True Innovation 2
Defined by True Innovation
Pio-Tech is a business solutions provider that has become, over the last sixteen years, defined by an innovation-first approach that
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Procurement Fraud: The Corporate Landscape’s Nemesis
As bakery chain Patisserie Valerie plunges into administration following allegations of fraud from third party contractors, we explore the issues
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Colina Financial Advisors Ltd Creating A Lasting Legacy
Colina Financial Advisors Ltd : Creating A Lasting Legacy
Colina Financial Advisors Ltd : Creating A Lasting Legacy Based in Nassau, The Bahamas, Colina Financial Advisors Ltd (CFAL) is
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Cybersecurity A Growing Risk As Companies Rely On Technology To Overcome Increasing Regulatory Requirements
With regulations across a wide variety of industries on the rise, companies are increasingly focusing on technology to help bear
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Generating Transactions Thanks To Deep Sector Knowledge
For over 30 years, Eurohold has offered a full range of Corporate Finance services to Global Companies, Private Equity Funds
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Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. Simon Associates Management Consultants
Simon Associates Management Consultants: Bringing Anthropology Into Business
Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC) is an innovative consultancy firm drawing on the vast business and academic experience of its
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employee engagement
The Surprising Secret to Improving Employee Engagement
Eighteen years ago, the Gallup corporation did some research on a hot “new” topic - employee engagement - and reported
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