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Reset.LDN announces collaboration with WeWork in the capital

Corporate and lifestyle wellness organisation Reset LDN has announced a new collaboration with workspace provider WeWork. The team at Reset LDN will bring a full service, on-site wellness programme to the world’s largest WeWork at 10 York Road in London, which is home to a broad range of member companies as well as WeWork’s EMEA headquarters.

Reset LDN delivers up to 40 classes per week as part of a bespoke fitness programme for over 6000 members and WeWork employees at 10 York Road. The classes are held in the new state-of-the-art, on-site wellness studio, which has been carefully designed to meet the needs of office workers, giving every member the opportunity to train and focus on themselves.

Reset LDN is committed to setting a new precedent around the idea of ‘corporate wellness’ and what it means to invest in employee health. Led by a team of respected industry professionals, Reset LDN provides WeWork and other large corporates, such as Kayak and Frank Recruitment, a ‘one-stop’ wellness option for employees by bringing wellness resources under one roof – multi-use spaces that encompass all or some of their services such as fitness sessions, educational seminars and collaborative workshops.

Kira Mahal, Founder of Reset LDN comments, “We know from experience how demanding office-based roles are and the effect this can have both mentally and physically on employees. Our passion at Reset LDN is to encourage companies to invest in the wellbeing of their employees and we believe that by creating a ‘wellness under one roof’ option for employers we can remove some of the barriers restricting a positive work-life balance. For a time poor generation, this is the only solution that works.

“For employees we can provide a place of release, a personal challenge and a sense of community. For employers, we can offer a direct way to tackle workplace stress, cultivate employee happiness and build loyalty.”

Daisy Anderson-Perrin, Community Manager at 10 York Road, WeWork said, “We are always looking for ways to develop and strengthen our offering for our members, and we are delighted to be working with Kira, whose business we have enjoyed seeing grow and thrive in the three years she has been a WeWork member in London. We want to give our members a better day at work and we’re excited to be able to offer this bespoke fitness programme to everyone based at 10 York Road. From HIIT classes to yoga sessions, it’s been great to not only see the energy and enthusiasm from Kira and her amazing team of trainers, but to feel the positive impact these classes are having on our community here.”

As the best-in-class brand for on-site corporate and lifestyle wellness, Reset LDN continues to focus on growth by securing mid-large sized UK corporate partners by creating an aspirational, yet accessible, brand and service offering that supports employee wellbeing as an essential part of work and lifestyle balance.