Prista and Action Queue

Putting Performance Improvement Front and Center to get to a Culture of Quality

Based in Austin, Texas, Prista Corporation is a centralized platform for all quality, risk and performance improvements insights for healthcare providers. Having recently been selected as the Most Innovative Clinical Performance Management Platform 2019 – Texas in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019, we profiled the firm and caught Prista’s President, Don Jarrell who showcased the inner-workings of the award-winning provider.

Since the inception in 2009, Prista Corporation’s mission has been to support healthcare providers in creating an environment which drives continuous performance improvement in patient care and safety throughout their organizations. As a result, this has led to better patient outcomes and real-dollar Return-On-Investment and ultimately a “Culture of Quality” being enabled across the organization, as Don begins to explain.

“Here at Prista, we are able to accomplish our mission by providing an intuitive, easy-to-use platform called ActionCue Clinical Intelligence (CI), a revolutionary Performance Improvement platform for healthcare that goes beyond traditional reporting to provide actionable insights in real-time.

“With ActionCue CI, information is faster, more meaningful, and useful for healthcare executives, managers, and clinical staff. Designed with performance improvement at its core, ActionCue CI integrates reverse-engineered, optimal workflows for comprehensive safety event reporting and investigation and quality metrics tracking and reporting. This turnkey application means provider organizations do not have to build anything to visualize all the actionable insights they need to drive quality, optimize clinical and financial outcomes and sustain a ‘Culture of Quality’.”

Throughout the years, the team at Prista have worked alongside a diverse range of clients, however their most frequent work is assisting small-to-medium sized hospitals or regional care clinics that are interested in making a cultural shift in how they address performance improvement in patient care and, relatedly, the financial rewards that come from that. Going into further detail, Don informs us more about the financial rewards as well as the outcome they receive from investing in a platform such as ActionCue CI.

“The financial rewards can be from improving operational efficiency and reducing costs associated with non-reimbursed care for HealthcareAssociated Complications (HACs), readmissions and overstays. By investing in a platform such as ActionCue CI they facilitate their goals, obtain higher reimbursements from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) especially in Value-Based Purchasing programs. In addition to these most frequent types of provider organizations, ActionCue CI is so flexible it has been immediately configured also for Long Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACHs), Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs), behavioral health facilities, home health, and even healthcare consulting firms, of any size.”

Supporting the firm in their mission to provide clients with a personalized, award-winning service is the experienced, highly motivated and dynamic team which forms the backbone of Prista. When discussing the internal culture at Prista, Don is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm.

“At Prista, our staff is critical to our success. Our Product Specialists play key roles in assessing “fit” for our solution pre-sales, and our Clinical Application Support Staff, who are all experienced nurses with advanced credentials in healthcare quality, provide post-sales support and training. In addition to this, they also ensure that the voice of the customer is always heard by our Executive Team.”

This year in particular, there are many organizations who are becoming more focused on the improvement process for quality safety, and so are increasingly looking for technology solutions that bring effectiveness, efficiency, time-savings and other benefits to that work. Many prospects are telling businesses that they simply are not finding much in the way of competing products centered on PI with integrated quality and safety functionality. Bringing the interview to a close, Don signs off by revealing what the future holds for Prista, touching on the plans to further expand certain areas of the business, as well as searching for additional partners in the upcoming years.

“Moving forward, we will continue to expand on the financial analytics integrated within our Performance Improvement Action Plans (PIAPs) to help our customers avoid spending $2 Million on a $400K problem. Alongside this, we are using input from customers and prospects on refining the capabilities for tracking post-assessment follow-up with other internal and external organizations in our Safety Event Reporting section. Lastly, we will also be looking for additional healthcare consulting firms to become partners and incorporate the use of ActionCue CI into their client engagements.”

Ultimately, the future looks bright for the team at Prista as they continue their advancement within the industry, further expanding their business, their presence and the services they offer in the years to come, especially following their recent success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Most Innovative Clinical Performance Management Platform 2019 – Texas.