legal data
Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and the legal sector is a favoured target and is falling victim to cyber-attacks
Closing the books and completing reconciliations is not the most glamorous part of accounting, but it’s a vital last line
team building
Recent research undertaken at the Queens University of Charlotte revealed that 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as ‘very
Mortar board on british pounds
Student finance has always been a difficult topic, but it’s even more so nowadays. The pandemic situation and resulting economic
sales tips
An effective sales team can completely transform a business’s fortunes. With the right leadership, your sales staff can become the
Kirkland Lake Gold
Gold is always in demand. It’s one of the world’s most sought-after materials, offering a wealth of different opportunities for
Finding an attorney who can handle jury cases in a range of different areas is always difficult, but very few
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is investigating more than 150 Coronavirus-related scams since the outbreak began, according to official figures.
With the help of two UK consultancies, law firms are starting to understand that 360-degree feedback should – and can
tesco mobile
Tesco Mobile has revealed today a brand redesign to revitalise the brand expression and to align it more closely with
Leadership Qualities That Are Important to Business
You might have heard the saying that a leader can’t be created, they are only born that way. This can’t
Social Justice
Global Platform Includes Pledge of 100,000 Pro Bono Hours Through 2025.