Whether a property is a small one-star hotel or a massive five-star place of luxury, it makes the community a
Data has ushered in a new digital era for businesses, society and individuals – one that’s revolutionizing customer and employee
customers count
When acquisitions go wrong, it’s because of a failure to look after the people involved, and there are none more
digital law
Ian Carr, CEO of leading Ipswich-based law firm Prettys, explains how the legal field has survived during the pandemic and
Making a name for yourself in the world of business is no mean feat, especially if you’re a woman. With
IT Industry
In the time of pandemic, vendors need to show their human side and empathise with customers.
International financial advisory firm AHR Private Wealth has today announced an acquisition agreement, subject to local regulatory approval, with London-based
business effected by covid
This was particularly the case in companies with a strong connection to tourism, whereas, companies in the tech and communications
The huge increase in expenditure on products and services from innovative technology sectors during the Coronavirus crisis could rise dramatically
ai recruitment
With more businesses turning to technology to deliver virtual, AI or online recruitment processes, global talent acquisition and management firm,
app store
While it is typically assumed that new apps are best positioned by entering a dominant platform, new research from the
While some markets are struggling with an economic downturn, investors have been keeping busy. During the first half of 2020,