In the UK, whilst the numbers can fluctuate, roughly 39,000 remortgages occur on a monthly basis. In fact, in the
The security needs of businesses vary greatly dependent on the sector they are in. Despite the varying requirements, each business’
Construction is perhaps something that many of us take for granted every single day. Without it, we wouldn’t have buildings
employee tracking
Employee tracking provides accurate logging of employee hours, giving smarter insights not only into projected labor costs but also into
property law
The murky world of Intellectual Property is hotly contested, with many law firms handling portfolios on a client’s behalf. As
Helping hand
Beginning life in the United Kingdom back in 1998, DC Risk Solutions was formed to provide an insurance solution for
Live Freely
On a mission to help all people take control of their aging, LiveFreely is a highly innovative company that provides
Cloud Coach
Managing a project proactively and effectively is very often the key to ensuring a successful outcome. So much emphasis can
Kelly Stone
In 2014, Kelly Stone transformed a decaying national charity into Families Canada—the go-to place for those who work with vulnerable
Resonant is changing the way that radio frequency (RF) filters are designed and, in the process, has disrupted and transformed
steele rose
From a small, local business, Steele Rose has grown into a nationally renowned network of legal firms operating across the
Serafim Sotiriadis
Experience is one of the most valuable things that a lawyer can have in their arsenal of services when working