What is the process?

Our operational process begins with the all-important voting and marketing stage. The voting form is built into the website and open to view by general web traffic along with the magazine’s highly targeted circulation. In addition to this, we spend 6 weeks conducting market research and finding relevant firms, to whom we can directly distribute the voting forms.

How did I get nominated?

There are three ways in which a nomination can be received:

a firm or individual can self-nominate
a third party can nominate on your behalf
the publisher can nominate on your behalf (often firms we work with regularly)
Who nominated me?

At the point of nomination, we do not ask the individual filling in the form to disclose their details. Tried and tested over the years, we have found that response rates shoot up when the process remains anonymous. Because of this, we do not use the total number of votes as a factor in determining the winners. Acquisition International put forward a selection of candidates who we believed to be industry leaders. Beyond this we have accepted third party and self-nominations which flooded in from the 108,000 plus subscribers of AI Magazine and a base of industry professionals.

Please note the voting form is anonymous, and so we don’t hold any specific details on who voted for you.

Why do I need to accept/decline my nomination?

Unless a firm has self-nominated, we do appreciate that this information may come as a surprise. It is for this reason that we offer you the opportunity to accept or decline a nomination. Should you choose to accept the nomination, then your name will be added to the shortlist and you will have the opportunity to provide us with supplementary information using our tailor-made questionnaire. Should you wish to decline, we will remove your name from the running and you won’t be contacted further about this opportunity.

Once the deadline for supporting evidence has passed, our award research team begin the process of conducting their own investigations into the nomination and the firm, gathering information from various sources to create a case-file. This, together with any votes and supporting documentation will then be combined and reviewed to determine this year’s winners.

How and who is judging these awards?

The award research and judging panel is an international, multi-lingual collective of individuals, with backgrounds from a myriad of fields such as business, media, journalism, history and European languages. The panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international pedagogic & coaching experience who is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation; allowing the panel to operate with efficacy and dependability.

Do I need to pay anything to be considered in the 2017 M&A Awards?

As with all our awards there are no costs in accepting a nomination, nor if you go on to win. We have a highly experienced editorial department who will be producing the annual winners’ magazine, inclusion in which is optional. All winners, as part of our group’s philosophy are entitled to complimentary celebration items so that regardless of budget, or company policy, the award and our seal of approval can be strategically maximised.

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