Most Innovative Law Firm of 2016
The Most Innovative Law Firm of 2016, Scotland is listed in the UK edition of March’s AI magazine.
Most Innovative Law Firm of 2016
Wülfing Zeuner Rechel (WZR) is a German legal firm with a focus on emerging markets and a dedication to client
Ones to Watch in IP
West & Associates is a full-service law firm specializing in the practice of Intellectual Property law.
Hogan Lovells Q2 2016 M&A Outlook
On Mergers and Acquisitions David Gibbons, Partner, Global Head, Corporate Practice said that despite being off last year’s record pace,
Extracting Value from Sustainability Requirements
Don’t gamble on waiting for regulation to require you to run a sustainable business. Start differentiating your business now.
Ones to Watch in IP
Emerging from a modest commercial law practice in downtown Manila at the turn of the 20th century, Romulo Law is
G. Elias & Co
G. Elias & Co. is a pre-eminent business law firm with a reputation for carrying out critical, innovative and complex
Hungary: A Soaring Economy
Barkassy Grünfeld is a “new-wave law firm” which breaks the traditional approach of counselling and introduces new progressive concepts in
Corporate and Commercial Legal Services
Greenaway Scott is a specialist firm of business lawyers offering a wide range of services.
Medical Mergers
An investment bank and venture fund manager specializing in medical technology, MedCap focuses on developing growth strategies, implementing them through
HAYSTACKID Acquisition of FLEX Discovery Transaction
HAYSTACKID is an international end-to-end eDiscovery and forensics services and solutions provider.
Yolofsky Law is a business law firm that assists clients in both the boardroom and courtroom.