Energy Development Corp Financing for Burgos Wind Farm Project
In November 2014, Philippines renewable energy company Energy Development Corporation (EDC) signed a US$315m financing agreement with a group of
NLRB Micro-Union Decision Causes Untold Harm to Retail
The National Labor Relations Board’s decision to recognize a micro-union of workers in just a single department at a Macy’s
Brewing the Way Forward!
Nils Oscar Brewing Company is the largest independent Craft brewery in Sweden in terms of turnover and production volume. We
Employment Survey - Good News for Managers and Professionals
A regular global survey of hiring and firing trends covering more than 9,000 organisations in 30 key countries has found
Immigration & EU Membership Top the List of Business Issues
Research from suggests that business owners are more concerned with the issues of EU membership and immigration above all
Sustainable Construction in Malaysia
Construction Leaders Commit to Sharpening the Future Outlook for Sustainable Construction in Malaysia.
The Beginning of the End for Bad Biofuels
Today the Environment Committee of the European Parliament has confirmed, with an overall majority, a political deal with Council to
New Global Business Network Makes a Strong Start
The Marque, a global success-based online business network, announces its official launch. Through its recommendation-only policy, The Marque is rapidly
Anne Boden is Ready to Shake Up Retail Banking in the UK
Having worked in the banking world since the 1980s, Anne Boden has seen a lot of changes - but also
Roland Jonkhoff Appointed Managing Director of Desso
Desso, a leading carpets and sport pitches company (part of Tarkett), today announced the appointment of Roland Jonkhoff (46) as
Alcumus Acquisition  of Safety Management  & Monitoring Services
Martin Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Alcumus, shares his vision for growth within the TIC and GRC markets.
U.S. Air Force Academy
William LaMont (T) Thompson, Esq. is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Association of Graduates of the United States