Key Player in the Philippine Legal Industry

MOSVELDTT Law Offices is full-service firm grounded on legal competence and distinguished by their uncompromising work ethic. Recently, the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019. On the back of their win, we profiled the firm and spoke to Sheena Marie T. Morales who provided us with a detailed overview of MOSVELDTT Law Offices.

Established in 2009, MOSVELDTT Law Offices is a full-service firm committed to delivering success to its clients. The firm’s areas of practice underpin the main areas of business activity. With professionals who have personally navigated the complex interstices of business and regulation, the firm intimately understands the issues faced by decision-makers. As such, the team at MOSVELDTT cross practices to assemble the needed skills and experience to provide their clients with desired results.

With a passionate, dedicated and hard-working team of professionals who form the backbone of the company. Sheena begins by going into further detail about the team at MOSVELDTT as well as the success the company have had over the years, which includes being selected in Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 as the Best FullService Litigation Firm 2019 – Philippines.

“Here at MOSVELDTT, we employ a partner-to-associate ratio that maximizes partner-level attention to client concerns. This ensures that engagements are never delegated to the lowest level, and that clients receive the expertise and experience they pay for.

“In addition to this, the partnership is composed of the Philippines’ leading litigation, banking, labor and intellectual property lawyers. Several of them have been recognized by publications in the top lawyer’s list. All of the Partners have acted as preferred consultants to government and private organizations. With partner bringing more than just legal expertise, MOSVELDTT offers a holistic perspective in devising solutions to issues that affect the client.

“Since our inception, we have received numerous tier rankings in the areas of corporate and mergers & acquisitions, dispute resolution, projects and energy.”

MOSVELDTT boasts a robust corporate services and finance group that assists clients in the effective management and growth of their business. The acquisitions group’s breadth of experience encompasses all aspects of negotiated acquisitions, including taxable and tax-free mergers, stock and asset acquisitions, spin-off transactions and management buyouts.

Additionally, the lawyers comprising the mining, energy and natural resources group are recognized for their breadth of work and experience in these sectors, leveraging both industry experience and regulatory savvy derived from work as government consultants.

The litigation group, leverages strengths and minimizes risk in all venues. This includes achieving victory without breaking the bank. “We see court win that comes at an accountably high legal spend as not a win”, says Sheena. The firm evaluates each engagement to determine the best scenario to achieve victory. Representative matters include several landmark victories in the Philippine Supreme Court, as well as the largest Philippine claim in a Sovereign Guarantee arbitration before an international tribunal.The intellectual property group is at the forefront of the most challenging issues in the development, protection and exploitation of intellectual property assets.

The labor relations and executive compensation group provides efficient and practical advice on issues that arise from ongoing operations. Throughout the years, the firm has advised numerous top corporations and individuals on all phases of employment matters. Lawyers in the immigration group advise international businesses, major domestic companies, entrepreneurs and visionaries in developing or maintaining operations in the country. Lastly, clients come to the tax group for broad-based and sophisticated tax management strategies that are custom-built to their exacting needs.

Bringing the interview to a close, Sheena signs off by touching on some of the challenges she foresees occurring within the industry but reveals how the firm hope to succeed in the years to come.

“Clients reducing budgets for legal spend and high turnover of associates and new hires. Numerous law firms with similar services offered have sprung in recent years. As the legal service industry is becoming extremely dense, law firms must be able to stand out and distinguish themselves from their competitors.

“Starting in the third (3rd) quarter of 2018, the team here at MOSVELDTT embarked on an aggressive expansion to meet growing client needs. Throughout our history, we have always subscribed to a demand-driven expansion model to avoid burdening clients with haphazard overhead costs. The acquisition of additional office space and a 30% increase in the talent roster were products of careful study. Ultimately, MOSVELDTT believes in the potential of its associates. As such, we invest in their continuing professional development, as well as generously proving local and international exposure that enriches the perspective about the profession.”