Issue 7 2020

40 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2020 Feb20112 Designing the Way Forward When it comes to design, the team at DeMello & Associates have taken the Bermudan market by storm. With an eye for innovation and a sense of modernity in their styling, the team have made a number of exciting pitches that could revolutionize the way in which we see architecture. Recognized as Most Outstanding Architecture & Design Firm 2020 – Bermuda in our running series of Global Excellence, we explore some of the work that DeMello & Associates has put together so far. ed by Dennis DeMello, the aim of DeMello & Associates has always been the development of new and exciting ideas for big projects that will have a major impact. Designed explicitly as public spaces, the firm has generated concepts that cover transport & infrastructure, hospitality & sport, and, of course, commercial interests. With the simple aim of improving the built environment, Mr DeMello and his team put together projects like nothing that has ever been seen before. One of the pitches that caught our eye was a proposed redesign of L.F. Wade International Airport. Bringing a touch of glamour to proceedings, this suggested reworking of the property would cost over $100M, but would transform the building into an attraction in its own right. Colourful, striking and energetic, for those arriving in Bermuda for the first time it would leave an everlasting impression that could be very beneficial to the thriving tourist industry. Technically, the building would be an innovation as well, with the striking photovoltaic crystallite glass – the building’s impressive tail and wing feathers – allowing for the production of electrical energy from the sun. The project is carefully engineered to be totally independent of the power company, with the management of the building’s many facilities predominantly computer controlled. In this way, the team have been able to create a project that is considerably more environmentally and user friendly than most. The impressive pitch for VivoMar in São Paulo, Brazil is one that reflects the ambition of the DeMello & Associates team. Designed as a fusion tower, the electrical energy for this building is supplied L by harnessing fusion produced electrical energies, such as electron excitement. The project is designed around the spherical shaped fusion power electrical generator, which provides 100% of the electrical power required for operating all of the building’s electrical services. Such is the talent of the team that the rest of the project is able to act not only as an exciting constructive solution, but one that takes advantage of the limitations in order to create an aesthetically appealing and safe design. Like the airport, this is a project designed to work independently of the power grid, ensuring that power is constant and sustainable. With the purpose of the building squarely in the realm of the commercial sector, focused on hospitality and retail, the team have looked into intelligent ways of using the building, with a reverse osmosis/desalination system providing all required fresh water for everyday use and an RO system allowing desalinated water to be stored with collected rainwater in underground tanks. Between these two projects, it is clear that the team at DeMello & Associates have incredible ambition, looking to revolutionize the way in which we see buildings. Architecture is not just about the appearance, but about the way in which a building is able to operate. Those clients looking for something that could redefine the way people look at buildings would do well to turn to this amazing organization. Company: DeMello & Associates Contact: Dennis DeMello Website: