Issue 7 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 7 2019 21 Jun19328 OnPoint Warranty connects their clients’ brands to consumers through dynamic products and service experiences. Recently, the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were recognized as the Best Warranty Products & Services Provider 2019 - Southeast USA. Following this win, we profiled the firm and caught up with Chris Smith, CEO, who provided us with a detailed glimpse into the innerworkings of the award-winning company. Building a Connection Between Brands and Consumers stablished in 2015, and reinvented in 2018, OnPoint Warranty Solutions was launched to revolutionize the warranty services vertical. The firm realized whilst working in the industry that consumer expectations of warranty services had experienced an evolution in the last three years. For instance, emerging technologies such as IoT and 24x7 connectivity through smart devices have transformed the way consumers buy products and what and how they expect to interact with product companies over the lifetime of a product. OnPoint believes that to meet consumer expectations and subsequently build brand loyalty and increase repeat sales rates, it needed to focus first on the consumer, driving great service experiences throughout each touchpoint in the post-sale consumer journey. By delivering great service, and, just as importantly, providing consumers with the ability to personalize product services through configurable warranty and on demand services, OnPoint drives value for both its OEM and retail clients as well as consumers directly. “OnPoint believes that if we capitalize on the vast experience of our team and our selected partners, and focus on better connecting our manufacturers, retailer and service provider clients to their consumers though great service experiences during every interaction, we can drive real innovation in the warranty services industry. By relying on OnPoint Warranty to care for the end-consumer, our clients can focus on creating, marketing and selling their brand, while we focus on bringing every consumer back again and again.” Enabling the firm to deliver these award-winning, tailored services is the experienced, passionate and hard-working team which forms the backbone of OnPoint Warranty. When discussing the internal E culture, Chris is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “OnPoint Warranty was launched by product service veterans with more than 65 years of experience in the manufacturing, insurance, warranty, field service and technology verticals. Throughout the years we have worked to support product service at companies like GE, AIG, Service Net, Sears, Habor Freight, Asurion, and ServicePower, using vetted service delivery processes and time tested, cutting edge service fulfillment technology. The industry knows us and has confidence in our ability to deliver for their customers. They trust us to deliver great service experiences to their consumers, while providing product and service solutions which reduce their risk, increase their efficiency, delight their customers and improve their bottom lines. “To that end, OnPoint has architected a company culture that’s deeply invested in delivering great experiences to consumers. We like to think of every team member who has the opportunity to touch a consumer as a Customer Avenger. We even have incorporated a cape into our logo. Our call center and support agents, as well as third party service providers are empowered and encouraged to be customer avengers each and every day. It’s the foundation of our company culture and a key performance metric for everyone.” Moving forward, the team at OnPoint Warranty will continue to drive great service for consumers, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which our clients have set, but also surpasses their expectations by delivering additional products and services which consumer can personalize for their unique product service needs. Bringing the interview to a close, Chris signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, touching on a new service product launch happening later in the year. “The industry and consumer expectations have drastically changed expectations of product service companies like ourselves. To that end, in 2019 OnPoint is launching a service product, HomEase, which provides consumers the ability to customize product service through bundling service contract, home warranty and on demand services based on their unique needs. It makes protecting products in the home easy, and getting support from our team of customer avengers even easier. This is game changing for the industry.” Contact: Jenniffer Breitenstein Company: OnPoint Warranty Solutions LLC Address: 9900 Corporate Campus Dr, Louisville, Kentucky, 40223, United States Telephone: 502 233 2757 Web Address: