Issue 5 2019

Acquisition International - Issue 5 2019 37 Customer Satisfaction at Core of the Business “Personally, as I am a wheelchair user for more than 30 years, all the entire process to adapt my life and be successful in a country with several barriers to break, was very difficult. Alongside this, due to both my bravery and resilience capacity I have always been excellent at Computing Studies, learning languages, marketing, sales, projects and other areas that facilitates my personal and professional growing constantly.” It is no secret that having an effective leadership is for any organization which has a desire to surpass mediocrity. By having an adept leader, in turn it helps a business prosper and leads by setting an example. For Katherine, having a positive attitude, enthusiastic personality and participating in every area of the organization can have a positive effect on a business, as she explains. “Overall, I established the major focus on implementation and Training of SAP systems, ensuring quality and excellent after- sales service. Our company helps clients to increase productivity and improve the relationship that they have with their own suppliers and customers.” Looking forward, SSC aims to expand their frontiers to Peru and Ecuador, working with similar companies worldwide. Bringing the interview to a close, Katherine signs off by providing advice to those who wish to seek an exceptional career similar to her own. “Ultimately, nothing is easy. We have to work to see results. However, do not hesitate to invest in knowledge.” Company: Software & Services Consulting SRL Name: Katherine Colombino Web Address: Telephone: +595 993306318