Issue 2 2019

18 Acquisition International - Issue 2 2019 Founded in 1902, Japanese law firm Yuasa and Hara has developed expertise covering seamless intellectual property protection, various business legal issues, and accounting. We spoke to the firm’s partner at the patent division and chief of chemical section, Osamu Yamamoto, to celebrate their receiving of the Leading Pharmaceutical Patent Attorney of the Year, Japan accolade. ounded in 1902, Yuasa and Hara is a pioneer in multidisciplinary practice. The firm is organised into four divisions: law, patent, trademark & design and accounting & auditing. It is one of the oldest law and patent firms in Japan today. Partner at the patent division and chief of the chemical section, Osamu Yamamoto provides an excellent introduction to the firm’s work and his own role within it. “At Yuasa and Hara, we have many professionals specialising in a variety of areas, including 19 attorneys-at-law, 61 patent attorneys, 4 certified public accountants and one tax accountant. While each division functions independently as a legal, patent and accounting firm, our members also closely cooperate with each other. They do this to provide complete and multiple intellectual property services to clients, both in Japan and overseas. “We have unprecedented expertise across all relevant legal and technical fields and providing seamless integration of intellectual property protection, business law and accounting. “My major areas of expertise are: biochemistry; diagnostics; food science; pharmaceuticals; microbiology; polymer chemistry (all aspects of patent issues, including filing patent applications and patent term extensions, handling Japan Patent Office actions, providing expert opinions, defending or attacking patent rights in invalidation trials or post- grant oppositions, and representing clients in infringement litigation).” Since the early days of Yuasa and Hara, the provision of expeditious international services, for their clients both in Japan and overseas has been the core value of the firm’s practice, Osamu tells us. “To sustain and enhance this capacity, we have always valued international cooperation with overseas law and patent firms and have established a strong global network. We have built up alliances with overseas reliable law firms, especially about corporate legal and IP cases. “In addition to these private alliances, there are always several members of our firm actively engaged in international associations relating to law and IP such as AIPLA, AIPPI, ALAI, APAA, FICPI, INTA, IPBA and LES, thus building close relationships with foreign lawyers and patent attorneys.” Osamu then tells us about the firm’s general corporate legal services of their attorneys-at-law. “We handle professional legal services in various areas. We prepare a system to immediately respond to cases that require understanding of complicated facts - or technologies and process cases more promptly and adequately - even in areas that require advanced expertise. “The firm’s major areas of legal expertise are: corporate legal practice, corporate and commercial dispute resolution services, patent and Company: Yuasa and Hara Name: Osamu Yamamoto Web Address: Address: Section 206, New-Ohtemachi Building, 2-1, Ohtemachi, 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0004 Japan Telephone: +81 3 3270 6641 A Wide Range of Legal Experience 1810AI16 F intellectual property litigation, unfair competition litigation, and licensing.” The firm has several attorneys-at-law, who are former judges at the intellectual property division of high court, or those whose major in university was in science and technology. “We can handle various cases relating to intellectual property - with the help of our patent attorneys – who have specialised knowledge at the firm’s patent as well as our trademark and design division. “We have a wide range of experience in legal advice when it comes to the preparing or reviewing of expert opinions, contracts and company rules in case of disputes, on pursuing negotiations, litigations, arbitration and mediation procedures.” Yuasa and Hara provides support and representation in all aspects of patent administration, Osamu tells us. “We have an experienced group of patent attorneys, specialising in a wide variety of technical fields including chemical, electric/electronic, mechanical and highly advanced technologies. “We aid every step of the patent process, from preparation and prosecution of patent applications, to post-grant proceedings and enforcement. We serve a diverse client base, ranging from domestic and overseas individuals to corporations.” “We combine the skills of patent attorneys with those of our intellectual property lawyers and trademark attorneys, who are all well versed in obtaining, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. This allows us to offer comprehensive intellectual property services - and to help you protect intellectual property rights pertaining to your new ideas - including patents, copyrights, industrial design rights and trademarks. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Yuasa and Hara will continue to deliver an exceptional service to their clients, especially following their recent success in Acquisition Intl. Leading Adviser Awards 2018 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Leading Pharmaceutical Patent Attorney of the Year, Japan. “Yuasa and Hara provides support and representation in all aspects of patent administration, Osamu tells us.”