Issue 10 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 10 2020 17 Jul20242 Bringing the World of Marketers to China iClick Interactive Asia Group is an independent online marketing and enterprise data solutions provider connecting worldwide marketers with audiences in China. iClick’s proprietary platform possesses omni-channel marketing capabilities and fulfils various marketing objectives in an automated manner driven by data, helping marketers across the globe reach their target audiences in China. stablished in 2009, iClick Interactive has a vision to redefine the digital marketplace with data, insights and innovation. Shortly after inception, iClick established itself in portal- orientated advertising and marketing, targeting the China market for its pool of digital-savvy customers who make up the Internet population of over 940 million with a smartphone penetration of over 90%. Continually updating and developing its services, iClick is working hard to change the digital world through new media contexts to deliver the best experiences for end users. As a result, iClick offers the first proprietary marketing technology platform with omni-channel marketing competence, complete with cross-channel and cross-screen abilities, as well as the capacity to transform data into insights, action and performance. Headquartered in Hong Kong and operating in ten locations across the world, iClick was the largest independent online marketing technology platform in China in terms of gross billing in 2019, and the largest independent Chinese consumer data set with omni-channel, targeted audience reach, analysing the data of approximately 930.8 million active profiled users. These remarkable figures are the result of cutting-edge technologies and refined big data analytics that create effective marketing solutions that power the automated online marketing platform, while increasing the operational efficiency to stabilise their data and platform. Built on highly scalable and reliable cloud-based infrastructure, iClick is able to harness large quantities of real- time data and ensure high speed performance on a greater scale, accommodating more clients and increased complexity of their online marketing campaigns. This is combined with a deep knowledge and familiarity with China’s online marketing industry and visionary leadership that boasts a track record of successful organic growth and acquisition execution. The combination of effective and flexible solutions, sophisticated data analytics capabilities, and market leadership position has reaped a strong client base covering a diversity of sectors, including banking and finance, entertainment and media and eCommerce. With an impressive repertoire of international consumer brands that includes 3,400 clients and 270 Fortune 500 clients, iClick is further expanding their partnerships and SaaS solutions in online education, smart government, hospitality, new retail and many more besides. As iClick tackles the ever-changing market landscape in China, this is the kind of evolution the company is working hard to develop, tackling increasingly complex business challenges and scenarios. Led by a team with deep industry experience and successful track records as well as global perspectives and insightful knowledge Contact: Ka Lo Man Company: iClick interactive Asia Group Limited Web Address: E of technology and the online marketing industry, iClick has grown from a Hong Kong based start up to one of the best-capitalized marketing technology companies in just over a decade. Curating an environment that fosters entrepreneurial creativity has been fundamental to this and each team member within iClick is a passionate advocate for innovation and transformation within the rapidly changing digital world. With digital technology, artificial intelligence and big data attracting young talent from all across the world, iClick is able to provide opportunities for new recruits to develop their skills and enthusiasm for the sector. From the CEO to the summer interns, every person at iClick shares the same passionate vision to create positive changes within the digital world. iClick has, like any business, faced its fair share of challenges over the years, having to maintain cooperation across distribution channels with publishers and advertising networks, as well as maintaining and growing data assets in order to help marketers identify and engage with their audiences. The constantly evolving nature of the digital market also means that iClick is continually adapting their solutions and offerings to meet changing business needs, while attracting new clients to further diversify their client base. Yet with strong leadership and vision, iClick is well equipped to manage and overcome challenges, constantly looking forward to the next opportunity. As China is predicted to overtake the US as the world’s largest retail market this year, the company is prepared to hone its competitive edge within the sector. Recognising the shift in consumer patterns caused by factors such as Covid-19 and monitoring developments in the digital retail landscape, iClick is looking to capitalise on future growth opportunities over the next few years. This includes diversifying their product range, leveraging advanced technology and extensive data profiles to enhance their offerings to provide better solutions to clients. With a platform that already reaches 98% of China Internet users, we can’t wait to see what’s next. The constantly evolving nature of the digital market also means that iClick is continually adapting their solutions and offerings to meet changing business needs, while attracting new clients to further diversify their client base.