Issue 10 2019

50 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2019 as the ability for donations to be transferred instantly at the point of purchase. Raquel states, “We have entered the market when increased transparency is being demanded of the fundraising sector, and are proud to say that we made that a basic tenet of our business model.” Although the company is still in its infancy, the first two years have seen it establish a strong foundation from which to deliver future growth with it striving to differentiate itself from competitors in the sector. With an in-house developer and card designer, along with a reliable print partner, the company can develop, adapt and implement ideas quickly, which is one of their greatest assets. There are now over 900 card designs for all occasions, with a range of options on offer from corporate cards to family packs, single cards options as well as size and finish options. Customers are able to send their cards out in the post or as a digital 3D Eco card - all of which are fully personalised. To stay ahead of the competition, the company is focusing on innovation and quality both in product and service, continuing to build on reputation and attention to detail. Two new additional platform features are due to be launched in the coming months unlocking new opportunities for both charities and card purchasers. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Making A Difference Cards will continue to support the countless charities they have established close relationships with over the years. Overall, the award-winning organisation hope to further expand the business, their presence and the services they provide in the years to come. Contact: Raquel Müller Company: Making A Difference Cards Ltd Telephone: 0330 223 0454 Web Address: Jul19297 More Than A Card Making A Difference Cards offers a solution built and tailored for the charity sector, as well as providing a unique donor experience to anyone who wishes to purchase a charity card. Following their recent success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Best Personalised Charity Cards Provider 2019 – UK, we profiled Making A Difference Cards to discover more about how the company goes above and beyond to deliver such a personalised service. stablished in 2017 with the objective of offering an alternative model for those wishing to buy a charity card, Making A Difference cards entered and disrupted the market by putting the donation amount of a card in the hands of the purchaser. In addition to this, the company also facilitates donating instead of gift-giving, which offers the option of both a greeting card and gift purchase all in one. The idea behind the brand is to empower the donor, whilst at the same time supporting the charities. For charities, it is an excellent way to use an online channel to not only increase donations, but also further promote their brand awareness and grow their visibility. There is no charge made to the charities for the service or the card designs or production. Not only is it completely free to any charity wishing to be listed, but the company does not take commission or fee from any donations being made. By offering a free service, ultimately charities are able to spend more of their donations on core activities. Disrupting the market was not its only aim. Today, the company has gone one step further and entered not only the card market, but have also set its sights on the personalised greeting card industry as well. And so, charities regardless of their size are now able to enter the growing personalisation market, which in 2017 was estimated at 122.4m in the UK and is still expanding today. “Lifestyle giving and personalisation is growing with no signs of slowing down, as is the number of socially conscious consumers, it’s important for charities to be part of that growth” explains Raquel co-founder and director. She goes on to say, “Donations have been received from as far as California, Puerto Rico and New Zealand, which highlights how the platform has the potential to offer charities a new stream of supporters. It allows people from across the globe to support them, whether they be a UK national living abroad or a foreign national wanting to support a UK charity for a friend or relative.” Charities can sign up knowing that the platform offers them a fully transparent solution with real-time sales and donation metrics, as well E “Lifestyle giving and personalisation is growing with no signs of slowing down, as is the number of socially conscious consumers, it’s important for charities to be part of that growth”