AI Magazine Issue 10 2018

Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 15 Njeri Kariuki is an advocate who has specialised in resolving disputes through arbitration and adr. Following her success in the 2018 Legal Excellence Awards as the Most Influential Woman in Alternative Dispute Resolution 2018 – Kenya, we profiled and spoke to Njeri to discover more about the firm. uring the course of her career, she has delivered awards as a sole arbitrator spanning the petroleum, insurance, banking, real estate, industry & corporate sectors, mainly in the domestic arena. Njeri has also sat on several three panel tribunals, as co-arbitrator, determining disputes in similar sectors. In addition, Njeri sat, for a period of three years, as Chair of a Dispute Adjudication Board set-up to midwife an international geothermal project to fruition. Njeri runs a boutique-type law firm where she offers her arbitral, legal and adr services. Alongside this, in her capacity of tutor and trainer, Njeri conducts training sessions for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Njeri begins the interview by explaining the firm’s approach when undertaking a new client, and how she ensures right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved. “Initial meetings pursuant to correspondence (either e-mail or hard copy) are held face-to-face in the case of domestic clients so as to give the client a feel of the firm and the person who will be handling their business. In the event of an international referral, contact will be via e-mail and/or skype and should it be important to the client, an eventual face-to-face meeting.” When discussing the state of the industry, Njeri informs us of the issues which are currently affecting it. “The industry in my country and region is becoming increasingly challenging, although the pace of growth of females within the arbitration and adr space remains slow. As the denizens in the region awaken to advantages & benefits of engaging in arbitration & adr, the demand for services is growing exponentially.” Contact: Njeri Kariuki Company: Njeri Kariuki Advocate Address: Hughes Building, First Floor, Muindi Mbingu Street, P.O. Box 79647 City Square, 00200 - Nairobi, Kenya Telephone: 00254 02 221 7936/ 2254389 Integrity and Excellence in provision of Service D 1807AI33 Reflecting on the team at the firm, Njeri is keen to highlight the internal culture and how she has cultivated an atmosphere that is conducive to working environment. “My ethos is integrity and excellence in provision of service – with a smile, whatever the level. I endeavour to maintain personalised service and direct contact with my clients. “As such, my staff members must buy into my ethos. In order to achieve the maximum performance from my staff, I take care of their general wellbeing. In return, I ask for loyalty, commitment and focus. As a result, my staff turnover is kept to a minimum.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Njeri signs off by revealing the developments in the foresees within the industry, as well as the projects which lie in the pipeline for the firm. “Overall, we must change with the times, continue to evolve and I see big changes ahead that will affect the legal sector in the years to come. I can assure you that I will not be found unprepared. “Moving forward, I would like to grow my arbitration and adr department, but this aspiration has yet to coalesce in my mind, so no projects or future plans are on the horizon as yet.” “ In the event of an international referral, contact will be via e-mail and/or skype and should it be important to the client, an eventual face-to-face meeting.”