AI Magazine Issue 10 2018

10 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2018 Whitmill is licensed by the Jersey Financial Services Commission to provide a full range of fund services including fund establishment, multi- currency valuation and fund accountancy, shareholder registration and dealing, corporate secretarial, regulatory compliance monitoring and fund administration across the full regulatory spectrum. Recently we sat down with associate director, Trina Channing-Rudd who provided us with an insight in the successful firm. stablished in 1992, Whitmill tailor their services to individually meet each client’s funds operational requirements. The firm’s client base ranges from entrepreneurial high net worth individuals to Commercial Private Equity and Real Estate houses. Whitmill’s approach is to grant all of their clients the same personalised service levels across all of the business areas and jurisdictions in which they operate. Working to achieve this goal is the experienced team who offer services in relation to a variety of unregulated and regulated offshore and on-shore structures. As such, their clients can be assured that Whitmill have the ability and infrastructure to provide reliable, accurate and timely fund administration services. Whitmill’s overarching strategy is to offer a highly personalised experience of expertise and service delivery at a fair cost. Establishing and maintaining valued relationships with both clients and intermediaries is at the heart of the business Donovan Wijsmuller set up 25 years ago and that mantra has remained constant. Whitmill aspire to have a relatively agile strategy which is innovative and adaptable to changing and complex circumstances. They have evolved through organic growth, sourcing and nurturing individuals aligned with their values. This has led to excellent staff retention rates benefitting the service delivery offering with continuity and personal service. Diving into further detail about the firm’s approach when undertaking a new project, Trina informs us of how Whitmill ensure right from the start that the outcome meets the needs of everyone involved. Company: Whitmill Trust Company Limited Address: 17 The Esplanade St. Helier, JE1 1WT, Jersey Telephone: 01534 886100 Web Address: Leading Boutique Provider E 1809AI17 “When pitching for new business, we listen carefully to the introducer/client to ensure that we fully comprehend their requirements. We have a broad network of professionals that, as an independent boutique service provider, we are able to recommend and align with our clients based upon their skillsets and expertise. Also, we make introductions based upon our understanding of their suitability to ensure the clients expectations are exceeded with a collaborative approach. Then we work with the client, identifying the most beneficial solutions and pro-actively managing the process to achieve their aim. We set our bar high on service and see this as the start of a journey with the client, which we travel together. Personalised relationships then develop over time, which we strive to nurture and continually enhance.” Following on from this, Trina reveals to us the attributes she believes are essential to achieving success within this dynamic industry. “How do you quantify ‘ Success ’ in our industry? Success for us, is being respected amongst our peers, highly regarded by our clients and intermediaries, with a positive healthy work ethic and environment for our employees. The attributes required to be successful in our industry sector are wide and varied, as one would expect. Emotional intelligence plays a far greater part in our operational aspects than ever before, and we are very fortunate to attract and retain quality individuals who collaborate well together in achieving results. “Over the years, we have built strong relationships with key stakeholder groups namely our clients, employees, professional intermediaries and the financial services business community. We have a healthy corporate reputation, committed employees and efficient internal processes which are seen as essential in competing successfully in the global business environment. “The attributes required to be successful in our industry sector are wide and varied, as one would expect.”