Issue 1 2020

38 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2020 Winners’ Listings 2020 Global Excellence Awards Most Innovative Communications Applications Developer 2020 - USA Cloudonix, we make communications infrastructure as easy as Netflix. Website: Contact: [email protected] Most Outstanding for Animal Welfare Fundraising, 2020 - South West USA Animal Shelter Fundraising Most Outstanding ADR Chambers, 2020 - Hong Kong Des Voeux Chambers Most Innovative Robotics-Based Materials Sortation Technology - 2020 Tompkins Robotics, a business unit of Tompkins International Website: Most Innovative Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Company 2020 - Nigeria SonoCare Healthcare CEO name: Dr. Enokela O. Moses Website: Email: [email protected] Phone: +2347034199466 SonoCare Healthcare description: SonoCare is a socially oriented health-tech venture saving lives at birth, in one click. SonoCare utilizes simple technology and innovation in delivering a broad-spectrum of conveniently accessible and low-cost life-saving healthcare solutions including pregnancy interventions delivered at point of care that can help detect and prevent pregnancy complications before they become threats to the life of women through a portable framework that uses a mobile app (enabling patients to have real-time patient-doctor video tele-consultation, request diagnostic tests and have samples picked up anywhere, get connected to nearest health workers and real-time data transmission) and portable equipment and vehicles in partnership with public and private healthcare providers to ensure every woman especially the under-served women in low income and low resource areas get access to the quickest and the best diagnostic care services towards ending the scourge of maternal and infant mortality in sub-Sahara Africa. Most Innovative Business Change Consultancy 2020 - London Website: Utopia is a culture change business and we help businesses build more purposeful, inclusive and entrepreneurial cultures - the key to unleashing creativity and gaining competitive advantage. Most Innovative Security Video Analytics Technology Firm - 2020 BriefCam