2020 Cyber Security Awards

16 Acquisition International - Cyber Security Awards 2020 r Blunden and Dr Johnson recognised that the security and control of cryptographic keys is fundamental to ensuring the effectiveness of many security functions, and that whilst existing approaches have good points, they also have disadvantages. Armed with this knowledge, the pair set about inventing and developing a solution that would address the needs of the world without compromising on any other areas. This would be an all-encompassing solution that delivered on the needs that Dr Blunden and Dr Johnson first identified. Now, having prepared meticulous research on the needs of the cybersecurity industries that are not yet being met, Dr Johnson and Dr Blunden have come up with SEAcurIT-e®, a solution which ensures the secure storage and control of cryptographic keys in software environments. Where security is normally reliant on the OS, SEAcurIT-e® presents a different, more advanced, and better way of doing business. It tackles the threat of data breaches and exposure of sensitive or confidential information head on by massively strengthening the protection and security of keys and important security data. Coupled with powerful and flexible management and control capabilities, SEAcurIT-e® provides next-generation security that is in line with some of the world’s most exciting emerging applications. Blockchain is one such example of an emerging technology that can benefit from the added security that SEAcurIT-e® offers. However, it is also applicable to many other different types of application across many different sectors, from cloud applications to simple encryption. Combining a background in cryptography with a background in invention across a vast myriad of different areas, Dr Mark Blunden and Dr William Johnson together created SEAcurIT-e® as a novel way to achieve the best in cryptography, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Join us as we discover more about what makes this latest venture such an exciting one. Best Blockchain Encryption Firm - UK D SEAcurIT-e® works differently in that it effortlessly leverages the high availability and integrity of data centres or similar cloud-based services to vastly enhance the security and control of cryptographic keys and other security variables. Core to the continued success of what SEAcurIT-e® offers is the distinct lack of relinquishing of control over the secrecy of keys to any other party. This also means that there is no need to trust or depend upon a third party to maintain the secrecy of keys, regardless of the strength of any user passwords. Users of the service can retain complete control over the secrecy of their own keys, constantly making sure that it is not possible for an attacker to derive any information about keys by analysing the information that is stored locally on an end-user device. SEAcurIT-e® is a flexible and adaptable solution that is not tied to any one service provider. Not only is SEAcurIT-e® an outstanding example of cybersecurity as a standalone system, but it can also act as a superb reinforcement for public key infrastructures and other key management applications. Deployable at both the client and the server side, SEAcurIT-e® can remove risks from weak passwords, and strengthen security applications. At a time where data is fast becoming one of the most sought-after commodities in the world, protecting it is more important than ever before. As malicious individuals continue to develop their skills, it is imperative that the cybersecurity industry does the same. SEAcurIT-e® is the epitome of that development. The management and control component allows users or administrators to maintain control over all keys in a domain, but without knowledge of their value. In a nutshell, it offers centralised management and control, but distributed security. Flexibility and adaptability is something that the cybersecurity industry has been crying out for, without sacrificing on the actual security aspect of the service provided. SEAcurIT-e® answers this call, capitalising on the inventive ingenuity of Dr William Johnson and the cryptographic class of Dr Mark Blunden to create something exceptional. As technology becomes an increasingly important part of so many people’s lives, now is the time to invest in SEAcurIT-e® and be cybersecure. Company: SEAcurIT-e Ltd Website: https://www.seacurit-e.com/ Contact: Dr Mark Blunden - [email protected] Dr William Johnson - [email protected] Telephone: +44(0) 330 223 4971