Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 7 development pipeline to improve the product even further. Its solutions allow for the processing of large amounts of data quickly and accurately. They also allow for data interrogation on many levels to help detect connections in and between cases. The integrated mapping, timeline, and social networking capabilities allow for a picture to be built up of what happened in and around the time of an offence and to find the needle in the haystack. Reports can be automatically generated that can be given in evidence in a court room setting to help convict offenders or prove innocence. Seeking to build upon the its already phenomenal success, Chorus remains innovative and responsive to changing market needs, and as a result the past year has seen this dynamic firm grow exponentially. Following the success of its Analyser product, in late 2018 Chorus announced the release of Investigator: a simplified version of Analyser which can be used by anyone in a law enforcement role to quickly analyse data and bring about new lines of enquiry. Increasingly the demand on specialist police Analysts is outstripping supply, so by putting this technology into the hands of investigators and frontline officers, Chorus is helping the police to overcome this issue and make sure that more cases benefit from the technology. Investigator is already being used by 19 police forces and agencies at the time of writing. Additionally, Chorus announced earlier this year that both its Analyser and Investigator solutions are now available to all police forces and law enforcement agencies via the Microsoft Azure cloud. Extending its offering to police forces in need of a scalable Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) solution, reduces the need for forces to make heavy investments in infrastructure and IT support, making the product even more accessible. Recently Chorus was named as the 16th fastest growing business in the UK by market research group Beauhurst and crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom in a ‘Top 100 fastest growing businesses in the UK’ report. Ultimately, Chorus’ unique solutions are now being used up and down the country by hundreds of Analysts and Investigators each and every day to help combat crime and to make the streets a safer place for all. This is a significant success for the firm, which will remain committed to enhancing this and growing even further over the years ahead. Chorus Intelligence is an award-winning data cleansing and analysis software provider to UK law enforcement for use in criminal investigations. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners of this year’s Cybersecurity Awards we profile the firm and share how it has evolved into the revolutionary firm it is today. Chorus Intelligence: Best Law Enforcement ICT Company - UK stablished in 2011 by CEO, Boyd Mulvey, with help from one developer, Chorus has since evolved to become one of the fastest-growing software companies in the UK. Originally, Chorus was born out of discussions with Analysts and Investigators from Greater Manchester Police who described the challenges they were facing around data processing and the length of time it was taking them. It was clear that technology was the answer, but it had to be developed from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of the police. Chorus’ developers worked alongside Analysts and Investigators to deliver the product they needed. As such, from the beginning the core focus of the business has been software that helps police forces and national law enforcement agencies solve crimes more quickly. For each case analysts and Investigators will have huge amounts of data to review, potentially from a number of sources such as mobile phones, ANPR cameras and online messaging. First the data needs to be cleansed and then anything that is relevant to the case must be pieced together to answer key investigation questions such as who was involved, where have they been, who were they talking to, who is the ring leader? – all to help them build the case and see it successfully taken to court. Before Chorus, a force would have to process this data manually, which could take weeks or even months, especially for large investigations. With this tsunami of data increasing and criminals getting smarter and hiding behind technology, it was time to give the police the tools they needed to combat all forms of modern crime. Digital transformation is a hot topic in the public sector and Chorus is exactly the type of organisation that is enabling the police to drive real change, both in terms of efficiency and positive outcomes. This unique service offering and its cutting-edge technology, has helped drive Chorus to the success it now enjoys. As part of this growth the firm has seen its turnover increase 30-fold in the past three years, while staff numbers have risen from five to 25 over the same period. Today Chorus works with around 90% of UK forces and a number of agencies including the Home Office, and all of the Counter Terror Units. Chorus’ technology has been very instrumental in solving many of the UK’s high-profile crimes from county lines drug dealing networks to incidents of terrorism and missing persons. Since the beginning, Chorus has been built primarily for the police by the police, with over 2000 users across the UK feeding back into its E Company: Chorus Intelligence Contact: Joe Southgate