2019 Influential Businesswoman Awards

22 Acquisition International - 2019 Influential Businesswomen Awards standards and you will not compromise your business for the sake of paperwork. I am proud to say that I helped a manufacturing business set up their systems from the beginning. “Firstly, putting in HR then H&S documents, then helping them to become accredited to an ISO standard. All of this was achieved in less than three years with a growing workforce from 5 to 25 staff. This is a great source of pride for me and proves that my approach works. I provide all my clients with the benefit of my experience and understanding of the compliance market when they work with Hunter Global Business Solutions.” Moving forward, Joanne is keen to share her passion for compliance with new members of her team and drive Hunter Global Business Solutions Ltd to even greater success, as she proudly concludes. “Over the coming years I would like to grow my business, so I can take an apprentice on in a year and then hopefully each year thereafter. My plan is to have someone who can take over my business when I am looking to step back, knowing that they have helped me to develop and grow my dream in the hope that it will become theirs too. This is my ongoing focus as I look ahead towards a bright and exciting future.” Hunter Global Business Solutions Ltd provides award-winning compliance support and a range of consultancy services for clients across the corporate landscape. We invited CEO and Founder Joanne Ferguson to talk us through the firm and how she has created an innovative company that is changing the compliance consultancy market for the better. HR Compliance MD of the Year 2019 - UK unter Global Business Solutions Ltd was formed at the end of 2018 by Joanne Ferguson, CMCIPD, and offers the reassurance that its clients are compliant in all areas of business legislation. The team began by tailoring bespoke packages to each business to ensure that it covered all of their needs. Thanks to the expertise of Joanne and her team, the firm is able to offer support in HR, Health and Safety, Training and Development and Auditing to international standards. Providing a total business solution. She provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm and how it came into being. “In 2015 I became an independent consultant creating the Hunter Global Business Solutions Division of Hunter Global Recruitment Ltd. We then decided to separate the two divisions into two separate companies in 2018. I have worked in various industries for over 30 year building up my reputation in compliance. “Over the years I have worked hard to gain my reputation in my field of expertise. Through running my own business over the last four years, I have gained some incredible clients who I have helped to develop and grow their staff and businesses. Developing Quality Management Systems that cover all aspects of their business and to be compliant with the relevant accreditation body. We become part of their management team rather than an ‘external consultant’. The main function in my previous roles has been HR but while I was in the sugar manufacturing industry I trained as an ISO auditor and also NEBOSH / IOSH. I now use these skills with my clients ensuring that they stay compliant. I also train Auditing Skills for Verner Wheelock Associates in a variety of food manufacturing industries.” Today, Hunter Global Business Solutions Ltd offer businesses additional support in many areas, either for one-off projects or monthly ongoing support to suit the business needs. Trained to a high standard in many areas enabling the firm to give businesses continued support to keep them compliant, without the need to employ individual professionals on a full-time basis at a greater cost. Being so deeply passionate about compliance, Joanne and her team are able to provide straightforward solutions that meet the needs of a variety of clients. She explains why companies should embrace compliance rather than shirking from it. “Compliance is an area that most people do not enjoy, and feel is a cumbersome issue to work with. If you have good systems in place from the onset of your business, then compliance truly is your friend. It proves to anyone wanting to work with you that you have high H Company: Hunter Global Business Solutions Ltd Name: Joanne Ferguson Address: 111 High Street, Lincoln LN5 7PY Telephone Number: 07966374126 Web Address: www.hunterglobalbusinesssolutions.com