2018 Legal Awards

10 Acquisition International - 2018 Legal Awards LA180018 Best Full-Service IP Law Firm 2018 – Illinois & Award for Excellence in Corporate IPR 2018 Rosenbaum IP Since its inception in 1988, Rosenbaum IP has developed an extensive intellectual property law practice representing a wide spectrum of clientele from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations in intellectual rights procurement, product development, handling transactions and strategic litigation. In addition to its IP rights filing and acquisition practice, members of the firm counsel clients in complex intellectual property matters and supervise due diligence and positioning reviews for licensing, mergers and acquisition and strategic product development, all with the result of building and enhancing value of clients’ intellectual property estates. With a client-centric approach, the firm is able to ensure that it meets their clients’ needs and provides the support and solutions they require. A core value of the firm’s culture is to clearly understand its client’s desired outcomes and always deliver more value toward achieving those outcomes. Within the IP law market currently there are many changes that will offer challenges to Rosenbaum IP. However, the team view the greatest challenges as the greatest opportunities. Specifically, the firm is increasingly working in the healthcare market, and IP in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is fundamentally no different than in other market sectors. The team are increasingly finding precedential pressure from cases in other sectors that are having questionable influence in both prosecution and enforcement of patents in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Questions of patent eligible subject matter and the analytical frameworks adopted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for examination of patent claims have become topics of high interest and relevancy in the computer software, business methods, biotechnology and pharmaceutical areas, albeit for somewhat different and distinct reasons. The main challenge to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry posed by the issue of patent eligible subject matter is to have and maintain a crystalline understanding of the distinct legal and procedural frameworks being applied as they evolve at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in the Courts. As such, Rosenbaum IP are working alongside its clients to support them and ensure that they understand and adopt the latest policies and adapt around the latest market trends. The uncertainty surrounding the question of patent eligible subject matter offers a unique opportunity to have a frank conversation with our clients about the role of patents, the value of patents and the potential limitations of patents. This conversation is invaluable in delivering transparency and in further building trust with our clients. Currently, Rosenbaum IP, like many other IP firms, is witnessing and participating in a generational evolution of the Intellectual Property field. As technology continues to permeate human endeavors, the role of Intellectual Property is becoming an even more significant aspect of business as well as social, economic, governmental effect and policy. The team expect that Rosenbaum IP will continue to grow and evolve in concert with the changes in the IP field and in alignment with its clients in a manner that ensures that the practice consistently maximize the value-focused service delivered. Rosenbaum IP is an Illinois based firm that strives to develop and safeguard intellectual property assets throughout its clients’ lifecycle events while consistently ensuring alignment between the intellectual property assets and their required commercial outcomes. To showcase the firm’s incredible service offering we profiled it and offered a unique insight into the work it undertakes and the success since it first began 30 years ago. Company: Rosenbaum IP Contact: David Rosenbaum Address: 1480 Techny Road, Northbrook, Illinois, 60062, USA Phone: 001 847 770 6010 Web Address: www.rosenbaumip.com