2018 Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards 15 Since 2014, Solomon & Sons Relocation has flourished, supporting a wide range of clients with their moves. With a workforce of full-service movers who are courteous, reliable, and have the expertise needed for maximum efficiency and cost-savings, the firm can work to support any client with everything from long-haul moves through to personal relocation and everything in between. The team are customer-driven local and long- distance movers that people know and trust. As a result, the services they provide are of the highest quality, competitively-priced, and customized to suit the needs of each customer. Whether clients need residential movers that are courteous and professional or commercial movers that ensure their move is always efficient and affordable, Solomon & Sons Relocation Services can help. Specifically, when it comes to relocating a business, clients require expert skill, timely service, and customized moving solutions, and as such Solomon & Sons Relocation provides the full-service support needed to handle the scope of their upcomingmove. As a premier choice for commercial movers, the firm offer a comprehensive list of moving and storage services that are designed to minimize company downtime and keep the clients’relocation on-schedule and on-budget. With so many changing components to consider in each contract, the corporate relocation industry is tough to regulate which causes problems with companies not performing for the benefit of the client while still keeping their actions within allowed regulations. As such, Solomon & Sons Relocation try to set the example by taking each individual case and looking at it from a reasonable perspective and trying to do what is right, Best Corporate Relocation Company 2018 - South Florida Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Solomon & Sons Relocation is the preferred South Florida moving and storage company providing superior relocation and storage solutions for the region’s homes and businesses. We profile the firm to find out more and explore the secrets behind its success. Company: Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Address: 4720 NW 15th Ave, Suite 4B, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33309, USA Phone: 001 954 715 6314 Website: www.ssrelocation.com/ GM180008 versus what is more profitable but still legal. This is one of the main reasons the firm has achieved such high standing with its clients, as well as the organizations which regulate the field. Internally, Solomon & Sons Relocation is a melting pot of many ethnicities and cultures. This rare dynamic helps bring a new wave of practices and abilities to the business and allows the team to best serve people from every kind of community. Currently, its representatives can fluently speak six different languages between them, including French, Russian, Armenian, English, Hebrew and Spanish which allows the practice to ensure more of its clients are educated and understand what to expect from them, nomatter their demographic. Ultimately, the future looks bright for Solomon & Sons as the firm is hoping to expand to more corners of the map and set the example for the local companies operating in those areas as well. More specifically, the team is keen to open a new location in the fall of 2019 in Atlanta Georgia. This expansion will offer the firm even more opportunities to grow and flourish in this competitive industry. “...the future looks bright for Solomon & Sons as the firm is hoping to expand to more corners of the map and set the example for the local companies operating in those areas as well.”