2018 CFO Awards

Acquisition International - 2018 CFO Awards 13 GCF18004 Management Consulting CFO of the Year 2018 - South East England Erden Capital Partners LLP Erden Capital Partners offers B2B consultancy to start ups, joint ventures, private placements, capital restructuring, trade finance and private equity backed companies. The team aims to build long term relationship with its clients who are value driven and incentivized to improve their corporate governance maturity. The firm associates with several international consultancy companies to reinforce their asset and wealth management activities. It focuses on exponential growth projects and sustainable risk adjusted financial return opportunities on invested capital. CFO Murat Erden is highly accomplished in his role with an extensive background in the Banking, Investments and Telecom Industries. He served as Group CFO of NYSE-listed Turkcell, who he was with for 15 years, and Oslo Bors OTC listed ice group. Murat was listed among Top 50 CFO’s to watch in 2015 and 2016 by Global Telecoms Business-GTB, and was named among the top 50 CFOs in Turkey at Fortune Magazine. As a highly accomplished visionary Chief Financial Officer and Non-Executive Director, Murat draws on his international experience in multi-channel financial and telecom institutions to deliver strategic re-positioning, and short- and long-range tactical planning for increased growth, market capitalization, and development. He is a results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success in establishing a lasting presence in debt and capital markets, joint ventures, enterprise solutions, identifying growth opportunities, and initiating strong business alliances. He is skilled at develop global partnerships to drive bottom- line profits, provide effective communication with audit committee/board, and all stakeholders. Alongside his work for Erden Capital Partners, Murat has contributed to one of the bestselling books for finance professionals and CFOs in 2018: Finance Unleashed written by Magnus Lind and Kelly Barner. Looking ahead, Erden Capital Partners is seeking to enhance its services offering by growing its workforce across both executive and non- executive roles. The non-executive roles aim elevated transparency and corporate governance practices within organizations, and support all teams by sharing multi sector expertise and network. The proposed executive roles deliver value based management, business mindset, cross discipline partnership, strategic thinking and financial leadership for companies. Erden Capital Partners will continue to help organizations to establish sustainable growth and profitability trajectory for investors, by internalizing value based management techniques along with adequate corporate governance practices. Erden Capital Partners is a London based firm that provides tailor made management consultancy services. We profile the firm and explore the role that CFO Murat Erden has had in driving it to success. Company: Erden Capital Partners LLP Contact: Murat Erden Address: 1 Ebury Square, Apt 63, London, SW1W 9AH, UK Phone: 0 7795664506 Web Address: www.erdencp.com