AI 2018 Business Excellence Awards

58 Acquisition International - 2018 Business Excellence Awards IF180004 Best Business Consultancy 2018 - Southern England JanetteWhitney & Associates Business Consultants Janette Whitney & Associates provide strategic advice in respect of business planning and growth, financial rescue, raising finance and troubleshooting business challenges. We also provide marketing strategy and advice, and business mentoring, coaching and training. Janette explores how the firm ensures that it provides its clients, who include businesses at any stage of growth from start-ups to those with a £10 million annual turnover across a diverse range of industries both in the UK and overseas, with the support they need to succeed. “As part of our drive towards providing a high quality service to each and every one of our clients, at Janette Whitney & Associates we use our small size to our advantage, offering an accessible, personal and flexible service. Flexibility is key for us, as the fluidity of business on a day to day basis means clients’ challenges vary greatly both in timing and intensity. We ensure we remain flexible and responsive to meet our clients’ needs. We are very proactive and as a result, many of our clients regard us as a trusted extension of their team who they can call on as and when needed.” This client focused, bespoke approach begins from the moment the firm start work with a new client. Janette expands upon her strategy and how she collaborates with clients to ensure that they make the most out of their time working with her team. “When we start working with a client, we take an individual approach and carry out a thorough “Business Health Check”. It is important to us that we engage with the business owner and get a clear understanding of a client’s objectives, values, expectations, company culture and history, and any industry trends or challenges. Once this has been achieved we are able to tailor our advice to meet the exact needs of the client and their market, providing them with focussed solutions and continued support and monitoring. We act as a trusted advisor, sounding board and mentor and respond quickly to any issues. We can and do adjust the level of service to suit their requirements as their business grows.” Currently, business consultancy is a shifting landscape. Political and economic uncertainty and the importance of digital transformation are both major challenges which are affecting demand and delivery. The importance of providing digital services, data analytics and of identifying increasingly important service areas such as compliance cannot be over stated. As a consequence firms such as Janette’s have to work hard to remain relevant and offer clients a truly unique service. With more than 40 years’ experience of advising SMEs, Janette Whitney & Associates’ have a proven track record of satisfied clients, many of whom they still have long term relationships with. Growing this track record, whilst remaining committed to innovation and adaptation, is key to the firm’s ongoing success, as Janette is keen to highlight. “Overall, my firm’s core purpose and strategy is to build long term partnerships with clients and to ensure our work has a significant and positive impact, ensuring stable, long term growth of both our clients’ businesses and our own. Our business is built almost exclusively on recommendations and referrals from existing clients, so maintaining our professional reputation is paramount to our future success. Our client testimonials echo this, and this genuine feedback is an important part of our ongoing strategy.” With this in mind, looking to the future Janette and her team will continue to adapt and drive change for their clients, whilst continuing to offer them the same exceptional level of service and support that they have come to rely on, as she is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, the future looks bright for Janette Whitney & Associates, and we are keen to build on our success so far and continue to expand and improve the services we provide and the manner in which we deliver them. Currently we are in the process of superimposing this onto our core strategy for stable and continuous growth, which we have managed to achieve thus far despite recessions and economic downturns. We are eager to build on our reputation for sound, professional and reliable advice and support whilst being innovative and dynamic on behalf of our clients.” Janette Whitney & Associates is a multi-award-winning business consultancy and business growth specialist based in Sussex. We invited Janette herself to tell us more about the firm and the range of solutions it has to offer in this constantly evolving market. Company: Janette Whitney & Associates, Business Consultants Contact: Janette Whitney Address: Barns Green, West Sussex, RH13 0QB, UK Phone: 01403 733671 Website: Janette Whitney ACIB MCMI Managing Consultant “We are very proactive and as a result, many of our clients regard us as a trusted extension of their team who they can call on as and when needed”