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In recent news, Mining Power Group, Inc., announced that it had acquired the majority ownership interest of upstate New York technology company, Northway Mining, LLC, (“Northway”) which offers highly specialised data centre hosting services for thousands of cryptomining machines.

Gracing the cover of this month’s issue is Allied Wallet, the leading provider of payment processing, making it simple for people to start their own businesses and offer their products and services to the world. Following their success in Acquisition Intl.’s Best of the Best in Finance 2017, we spoke with Allied Wallet’s CEO and Founder Dr. Andy Khawaja to learn more about his firm and their innovative solutions.

Elsewhere in this issue, Perlen Packaging is an international film manufacturing and coating firm, and part of the CPH Group. With manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, China, the United States and Brazil, they have a truly global network, and a vast presence in the packaging industry. We sat down with Wolfgang to find out more about Perlen’s accomplishments.

Also in this edition, Outreach Process Partners, LLC (OPP) is a strategic communications and management consulting firm that helps organisational apply technology tools, data analytics and communications strategies to improve performance. Taking time to provide us with an overview of the firm, is OPP’s President, Janice Roper-Graham who goes in to great detail about the innovative solutions the company provides.

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