Despite the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform the customer experience, many AI projects fail at the first hurdle. Henry
Based in Dublin, Cellusys empowers mobile operators to generate more revenue, secure their networks and also improve their subscribers’ experience.
Advanced Oncotherapy
The fight against cancer has become one of the greatest in modern medical history, and scientific research continues to yield
Cisco has unveiled the details behind its technology strategy for building a new internet- one designed to push digital innovation
market sentiment
Most commonly used in the trading world, market sentiment refers to the overall attitude of investors towards a particular market.
Advancements in Food Safety
iFoodDecisionSciences, Inc. (iFoodDS) is a leading provider of food safety risk management software solutions for the produce supply chain. Recently,
Ethical investment platform SeedTribe has relaunched as a new UK-focused impact hub. The platform will connect startups with individuals, corporates
Almost every business across the globe is using mobile devices to optimise processes, streamline workflows and increase workforce productivity. But,
New hires form part of wider management restructure at UK telco, which is undergoing period of sustained growth and driving
AI and Machine Learning techniques are finding their way into financial services. Ranging from operational efficiencies to more effective detection
Optimizt Technologies - Acquisition International
Optimizt Technologies offers specialist engineering and technology services to a diverse range of businesses globally, including automobile, medical equipment and
How to Implement a Flawless Digital Marketing Strategy
A cohesive digital marketing strategy is essential for any company that wants to maximise profits and gain new customers. Many