Dutch-Based Start-up Cloudtract Launches Free Online Contract Management Platform for SMEs
A new service called Cloudtract introduces a free and simple online contract management platform for small and medium sized companies.
Bank Cyber-Attacks Highlight the Need to Simulate 'War Games'
KPMG's comment on news showing $1bn (£648m) has been stolen in cyber-attacks since 2013.
Nordic Region Rivals US and Europe for Process Excellence Adoption
Nokia Labs Head of Operations Jarkko Pellikka, Ph.D says the Nordic region boasts some of the finest examples of process
Barclays Launches Fintech Accelerator Program in New York
Barclays and Techstars plan to launch their flagship Accelerator program in New York, following its resounding success in London.
ASEAN: A US$150bn Healthcare Market by 2017
Asia-Pacific continues to drive global healthcare investment, innovation and growth, says Frost & Sullivan
Investors: Act On 'Double Edged Sword' Strong Dollar Environment
Despite the Swiss Franc grabbing the headlines recently, the US dollar will continue to make gains over other major currencies
2015’s Most Innovative Business Leaders-Colin’s Pack
Colin’s Pack is a dog hiking business in Santa Monica, California, focused on creating balanced dogs through leadership, exercise and