email scam
10 Simple Steps to Take Right Now to Secure Your Business From Email Scams
When dealing with email scams in business, you must ensure you are taking every step possible to prevent a co-worker
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Augmented Reality
Integrating Augmented Reality into the Hospitality Industry
Ranging from speedier check in procedures to guests being able to modify their room’s ambience, here, we’ll explore how technology
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Educon India
Indian Ingenuity in Educational Excellence
For many students, learning and achieving academic success requires more than simply studying books. Feeling invested in and connected with
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Broadstone app
Broadstone Secures A Further £1.5m To Fuel Expansion Following Major Contract Wins
Existing investors continue to back company's aim to transform flexible workforces in regulated industries.
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Changing Perception On Collecting Information
Conventionally, data mining in biomedicine in the ‘omics’ era refers to a bioinformatics approach that combines key concepts of biology
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Augmenting Lives Through Artificial Intelligence
Technology has proven to be a demonstrably powerful tool in helping people living with disabilities to live truly autonomous lives.
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tech curve
One In Two Businesses Feel Behind The Tech Curve
Brexit to widen the tech gap between agile businesses and those that will struggle to survive.
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the complience work book
Innovate to Improve
Ensuring that safety procedures are completely and totally compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations is becoming increasingly important
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Sarkis Sakr & Partners
Leading Lebanese Accounting Firm Secures Success
Having been named Lebanon’s leading taxation and assurance consultancy of the year in Acquisition International, Sarkis Sakr & Partners has
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legal challenges group
Most Influential Woman in International Contract Law 2019 – Kuwait
With over twenty years of legal experience in Kuwait, during which she has held the roles of Assistant Director of
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Could the Extinction of the Paper Receipt Cause a Change in Your Spending Habits?
Paper receipts account for 1.5 billion pounds of environmental waste each year in the United States alone. So, is it
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5 Questions To Ask Before Putting AI Into Practice And A Checklist For Success
Despite the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform the customer experience, many AI projects fail at the first hurdle. Henry
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