Employment Law at its Finest

Flichy Grangé Avocats is a law firm specialising in employment law and social law for companies. The international team at Flichy Grangé Avocats, made up of lawyers who are fluent in English, has been structured to meet the needs of international groups. The team shares their culture and their working methods, assisting them on an everyday basis.

The firm also relies on the support of L&E Global, Flichy Grangé Avocats’ worldwide network of partner firms, which enables it to find the right law firm in each country to handle the specific requirements of each client and each file.

Each client can rest assured that its matters will be handled by a coordinated team under the responsibility of a partner who will be personally involved in the file right from the outset.

Listening to clients is at the very heart of Flichy Grangé’s work: becoming acquainted with their needs, their methods of operation and their labour relations is key to providing suitable legal assistance. The firm’s business model focuses on building close and mutually trusting relationships with its clients.

Here is what Flichy Grangé can offer its clients in a little more depth:

A customised service 
Flichy Grangé listens to what the client says to identify as precisely as possible all the aspects of the client’s projects, their targets and the restrictions faced. The firm then offers its legal expertise to provide a concrete, practical solution, which can be immediately implemented in the company.

Personally committed 
For Flichy Grangé Avocats, every matter handled is of crucial importance. Each of the firm’s partners is personally involved from beginning to end.

This lasting involvement is also a commitment: the client’s interests become the firm’s interests and it constantly devotes all efforts to ensuring that projects are successfully completed in line with client’s values.

A strategic partnership 
Flichy Grangé’s experience of extremely complex cases, plus its excellent procedural knowledge, enables it to offer a strategic, crossdisciplinary vision.

“…the firm is able to offer innovative solutions to take advantage of new legal opportunities as soon as they arise.”

With up-to-date knowledge of the latest legal developments in both legal provisions and case law, the firm is able to offer innovative solutions to take advantage of new legal opportunities as soon as they arise.

Its experience of working with large companies and groups also enables it to adopt a global approach to employment law, all the while pragmatically taking into account the economic and operational aspects of each issue handled.

Staying up-to-date 
Employment and labour law is a permanently evolving area of law. To allow its clients to be the first to benefit from new legal opportunities, Flichy Grangé has set up its own exclusive system for dynamic legal monitoring of this field. The firm keeps clients informed of the latest statutory, regulatory and jurisprudential changes (in legislation, regulations and case law) through regular newsletters and monthly breakfast meetings on specific topics.

Adaptation of methodology 
When handling complex projects, Flichy Grangé’s firm members often need to be part of a more global service. In these circumstances, it adapts its work in complete co-ordination with the company’s departments and other outside advisors: particularly French or foreign firms specialising in M&A, investment banks, organisational consultants, HR consultants, actuaries or insurance brokers.

Company: Flichy Grangé Avocats
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