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Backbone Asia

Backbone Asia is the only program we managed from Hong Kong to offer our investors our expertise in Asian Equities and top of the notch risk management.

Backbone Asia’s objective is to generate with high probability monthly and quarterly positive returns with steady volatility, avoiding extreme returns or losses. The yearly-targeted return is above 15% with volatility inferior to 10%. The fund focuses on both absolute returns and risk adjusted returns and a low exposure is maintained when the market is uncertain in order to avoid speculation.

Backbone Asia is a long/short fund invested in liquid Asian stock index futures and options. Mr. Favre implemented unique diversification proprietary trading systems based on advanced statistical analysis and mathematics to capture returns from short term to long-term cycles, pattern recognition and market discrepancies. The trading program can hold long or short positions in futures and options from 1 day to 1 month. A disciplined risk management combining the best of trend following and mean reversion strategies brings an absolute return investment de-correlated to the stock markets and the different hedge fund Indices. Backbone Asia is designed to perform in any market configuration and offers a high diversification and enhancement to most of the existing investment programs and fund of hedge funds.

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