About the 2020 Leading Adviser Awards

Throughout our lives, people always need someone to guide them and offer them advice and insight based on their knowledge and experience. This does not stop as we get older, and no matter how successful, profitable or renowned a business may be, it goes without saying that alongside its own assemblage of talent and expertise, there will always be a network of professionals behind the scenes helping to inform, guide and shape the way in which it operates.

Across all sectors and industries, from lawyers, accountants, bankers and consultants to HR professionals, IT specialists and security experts, a vast array of outside agencies and organisations, advisers can contribute massively to a company’s success, having invaluable input for its top tier management team.

Playing a major role in a business’s ongoing success, these professionals aim to advise, assist and support their clients, providing essential information that informs and shapes vital strategy. As such, they have become a fundamental part of the ever-evolving business landscape.

Since 2014, every year AI looks to highlight some of the most renowned and innovative professionals from around the world. Our dedicated team have left no stone unturned to ensure that these awards are allocated only to the individuals and firms that truly deserve them and have demonstrated excellence within their respective fields.

Whether those put forward hail from the largest, international corporations, or the small firms and individuals that work alongside them, we’re aiming to highlight the industry’s shining lights and act as the ultimate guide for those seeking trusted experts.




Throughout the year, our in-house research team spend a considerable amount of time looking to establish those most deserving to be mentioned, included and recognised as part of our 2020 Leading Adviser Awards. Therefore, during the program, we do not gather votes from either the firms, the individuals in question or other third parties: rather, we select our award recipients based on achievements, endeavours and efforts made over the previous 12 months.


Recipients are determined through an internal process of research, analysis, shortlisting, and selection. Our in-house team use publicly available sources such as local and national press, industry journals, client recommendations, press releases, and other published works to source potential candidates based entirely on merit, each of which is then carefully scrutinised to narrow down a shortlist, followed by a final selected list.

Throughout this process, factors the team take into consideration include, but are not limited to: sector expertise, experience, industry recognition, innovation, client testimonials, reputation, firm performance, leadership, extracurricular activities etc.


Once our chosen individuals have been determined, each will be contacted directly with the good news by our Program Coordinator, Elliot Ashbourne.


As these awards aim to recognise the best in the industry, not those with the largest marketing budgets, there are no mandatory costs associated with accepting your recognition. All those selected are entitled to a digital certificate, and we encourage our winners to spread the word of their inclusion through their company website, social media channels, press releases etc so that they can make the most out of their success.

In addition to this, those recognised also have the opportunity to feature within our monthly publication, as well as be included in our dedicated 2020 Leading Adviser supplement, which will be released at the end of the year. Inclusion in these publications is not complimentary, but we have a range of packages to choose from so that everyone can select the option that is right for them.


There are many ways to judge an awards programme, but here at AI we feel this is the ultimate way to give our readers an insight into the best that the consultancy and advisory space has to offer. After all, this approach ensures that our recipients are selected based purely on merit, not popularity, and allows us to recognise the leading players in each field.

From micro-businesses and SMEs through to multinational corporations, we aim to showcase those that are succeeding in their field and who are constantly innovating, growing and improving. The 2020 Leading Adviser Awards, like the preceding year's programmes, will act as THE guide to consultants and advisers globally, and give our readers the resource they need to choose the most talented individuals and firms from their sector.


How long has Acquisition International been in circulation for?
Acquisition International has been running for over five years and in that time the publication has grown substantially, now having a circulation of 108,000 readers in over 170 countries. AI is a monthly magazine that seeks to inform, entertain, influence, and shape the global corporate conversation. We aim to achieve this through a combination of high quality editorial, rigorous research and an experienced worldwide network of dedicated advisers, experts and contributors. Acquisition International is one of the many publications by AI Global Media, a UK based publisher which has over 200 issues to its name since 2010.
Who makes the final decision?
We employ an entirely impartial panel of 5 individuals to conduct all of the research to our high standards. At the helm, the panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience and is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation. We believe this method is the most efficient in determining which individuals and companies are most deserving in winning an award and has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use.
Is there a winner’s ceremony/award dinner and if so, when does it take place?
We do not focus our efforts on a celebratory event, despite being an enjoyable occasion, it doesn’t support our group’s philosophy of cost-effective marketing. As well as the lack of cost efficiency, AI is a company who runs awards worldwide and we believe it would be logistically difficult for some of our winners to attend an awards ceremony. We follow the belief that any of the optional costs involved with the award would be more beneficial in a year’s worth of online marketing for a winner, rather than spending it all on a ceremonial evening. All of our press announcements are made digitally, online and across our network to enforce our position as digital publishers. We aim to arm you with the tools (both digital and physical) to generate real-world value.
Are there any costs involved?
As previously mentioned there are no compulsory costs involved, however we do offer a variety of paid additional benefits for our winners, but these are completely optional. To demonstrate our commitment to no mandatory fees, all our winners are offered a free of charge promotional package. Our company policy will always remain: regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval. We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners. as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards.

"ELF Productivity Ltd is extremely proud to appear in Acquisition International Magazine’s Top 50 in Technology. We would like to place on record how delighted we are with the article and what a pleasurable experience it was collaborating with Acquisition International."

Chris Ainscough - ELF Productivity Ltd.

DMH Stallard

"Acquisition International were a joy to work with. They gave clear guidelines and responded quickly."

Joanna Potbury - DMH Stallard

The Course

"We are delighted to receive this prestigious accolade in recognition of the ground-breaking 22 years we have taught in this sector. Acquisition International’s Awards acknowledge all elements of education and reward individuals and organisations who have demonstrated their contribution and creativity in this field. It has been a pleasure to work with the team at AI and we look forward to a continued and successful association as we pursue our goal to offer further original, enjoyable and specialist adult educational programmes."

Mary Bromley - The Course

Leading Adviser Awards 2019

Acquisition International are pleased to announce that our 2019 edition of the Leading Adviser Awards has now been published and is available to view!

Highlighting the industry's shining lights and acting as the ultimate guide for those seeking trusted experts, please take a look at our dedicated supplement and read all about how some of the world's best professionals ensure success for themselves and, most importantly, their clients.