Since 2010, Acquisition International Magazine's annual awards have been highlighting the amazing work done by those firms and individuals whose ceaseless dedication to innovation, customer care and the continued growth and improvement of their businesses has seen them forge ahead of their competitors and raise the bar for performance and results in their industry. 

We pride ourselves - and rightly so - on the validity of our awards and winners, an approach that is reflected in the rigorous and tightly monitored nomination, judging and selection processes. Every one of our awards is given solely on merit, meaning that there are no commercial requirements, no awards guaranteed by payment and no barriers to entry. In other words, no matter how big or small your business and regardless of where you're based, the only factors that will determine your success are the work you do and the results you achieve.

Our Awards Supplements

Of course, winning an award is pointless unless you have the chance to show off your success to others in your industry. This is why we offer a number of packages, designed to give every successful winner as much exposure as possible and why, at the core of this offering, sit our range of dedicated award supplements. These online publications are produced by our in-house editorial and design team and feature interviews, profiles, articles and comment from each award's proud winners. Each supplement is then distributed to well over 108,000 people in our circulation, fellow nominees and nominating firms, guaranteeing that your latest success gets in front of the people who matter the most.


As mentioned, each and every nomination is subject to a lengthy and in-depth assessment process, designed to enable us to separate the truly remarkable from their peers.

The process begins the second we open the ballot boxes and distribute the voting forms to our worldwide network of partners and industry experts and sees us combine the votes received – alongside submitted supporting evidence, our own in-house research and the in-depth knowledge and expertise of our network of corporate leaders and experts to arrive at our final winners list.

This comprehensive selection and judging process ensures that our awards are always a true representation of the market in question and that all of our winners are truly at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

In the Press

As you can imagine, our winners take great pride in being acknowledged by Acquisition International. For this reason, our awards regularly feature in news and press outlets across the globe. Below are just some of the many mentions our awards have received in the past few months:

Don't forget to take a look at our current and past awards using the tabs above and remember, we want your nominations!

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