Leading Insolvency and Asset Recovery Expert

We profiled the firm and spoke to Director, Matt Richardson who revealed more about the innovative services Grant Thornton BVI Ltd provides. Since their inception, Grant Thornton BVI Ltd have been providing recovery and restructuring services for or to companies registered in the BVI and the Eastern Caribbean, as well as acting for companies, directors, creditors, investors and other stakeholders.

Grant Thornton BVI Ltd’s assignments frequently result in the firm acting as liquidators or receivers of distressed companies, often arising from fraud and/ or shareholder disputes and normally require multijurisdictional asset tracing and litigation. As part of their assignments, the team at Grant Thornton BVI Ltd often collaborate with their Grant Thornton member firms in the Eastern Caribbean, where they have a presence on all major islands unlike any other firm, and across the globe.

As a Director at Grant Thornton BVI Ltd, Matt begins by explaining to us his own role within the firm as well as his key responsibilities. “I am the Director at Grant Thornton, based in the BVI, where I have been located for over 10 years. I am authorised to act as an insolvency practitioner in the BVI.

“Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of experience in corporate recovery services, primarily in contentious cross-border insolvency and fraud involving international litigation, fraud investigation, asset tracking and realisation of complex and illiquid assets.

“Our dedicated offshore financial centres network comprises 20 offshore and midshore member firms who operate as a coordinated group to deliver services across insolvency, restructuring, forensics and asset recovery.”

In addition to this, I have also undertaken work in a variety of industries, including financial services, offshore banking, real estate, shipping, financial institutions, mining, oil & gas and telecommunications.

“Lastly, I have been recognised as an asset recovery expert by a number of publications and have been described as ‘ one of the very best in the asset recovery space’ and ‘absolutely excellent .’”

When discussing what makes the firm the success it is today, Matt is keen to highlight the key qualities that enables Grant Thornton BVI Ltd to stand out from their competitors.

“Here at Grant Thornton BVI Ltd, we have one of the largest and most experienced asset tracing and recovery specialist teams in the BVI / Caribbean. In conjunction with our UK office, our BVI office has traced and recovered misappropriated assets from over 65 jurisdictions worldwide. Recoveries over the past six years are in excess of US$2 billion.

“Our international network spans 130 countries with over 40 firms authorised to provide Recovery & Reorganisation services. Additionally, our wider network offers an impressive array of trusted global lawyers, counsel and investigators, means that we can recommend trusted local experts to our clients at a moment’s notice.

“Leading the way in the use of insolvency as an asset tracing and recovery tool in overseas jurisdictions, we have decades of experience in navigating the complex tool box available to insolvency practitioners. We routinely use insolvency powers to obtain information (through informal requests or through Court), interview persons of interest, bring claims against directors, third parties or their advisors, and secure and seize assets. Also, we offer our clients licenced insolvency practitioners across the globe, with many of our engagements utilising cross border appointments, offering instant access to knowledge about the applicable laws in each jurisdiction.

“Our dedicated offshore financial centres network comprises 20 offshore and midshore member firms who operate as a coordinated group to deliver services across insolvency, restructuring, forensics and asset recovery. We are fully supported by onshore firms such as the UK, operating within an agreed set of principles and liaising in regular meetings and calls. Our USP is our joined up approach which ensures an expedient, informed and successful result for our clients.

“Lastly, we have worked on some of the highest profile and most complex insolvencies, restructuring, forensic and asset recovery engagements in history and can prove our value by the successes that we have achieved for our clients. We recognise that today’s problems require a multi-skilled and multi-jurisdictional team, which we have built up across the years via our member firm network and our membership of organisations such as INSOL International and FraudNet.”

Company: Grant Thornton BVI Ltd 
Address: PO Box 4259 171 Main Street, The Barracks, Tortola 
Telephone: +1 284 494 6046 
Web Address: www.grantthornton.co.uk