Spurring Innovation

Riverbed provides a fully unified and integrated platform that eliminates trade-offs and helps customers rethink what is possible. We profiled the firm as we looked to discover more about their achievements over the years, which include being selected in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted for WAN Optimisation – San Francisco.

In today’s world, digital performance defines business success. However, that being said, performance in the digital age is about more than just speed. That’s why Riverbed provides a fully unified and integrated platform which eliminates trade-offs and in turn, helps their customers to rethink what is possible. The team at Riverbed helps to enhance digital performance across every aspect of a customer’s business—whether that is gaining insight into new customers and industries, improving time to market, increasing productivity, or quite simply delivering fast, secure digital experiences today’s users demand.

The Riverbed Digital Performance Platform helps transform the way customers run the powerful network, as well cloud-based apps that connect people, businesses, and experiences in our digital world.

As for the services which the firm offers, Riverbed Professional Services provides expert lifecycle consulting solutions, which have been designed to help clients reduce risk, accelerate adoption, and discover new ways to improve the performance of their business with the Riverbed Application Performance Platform™.

When looking at the firm’s solutions, Riverbed gives their clients enterprise-wide insights to spur innovation, reduce the cost of running their business, and boosting productivity at every level. Riverbed solutions obtain the ability to provide greater agility, enhanced visibility, increased performance and improved efficiency.

To maximise productivity, clients need to ensure that business apps have the ability to perform as expected, and that data is always available when needed. In addition to this, clients need to ensure that any performance issues are quickly resolved. The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ transforms app performance into a competitive advantage by giving clients the tools to leverage hybrid IT for new forms of operational agility. At Riverbed, the products which they provide to clients include, SteelCentral, Steel Connect, SteelFusion, SteelHead, Xirrus Wi-Fi, to name a few.

Alongside the products the firm offers, Riverbed also provides their clients with a great level of care and support. Customers worldwide depend on Riverbed Support to protect, maximise, and future-proof their investments in Riverbed technologies. Recognised by independent research firms for delivering an outstanding customer service experience, Riverbed Support offers 24/7, 365 days issue resolution, a global logistics network, and online resources that includes a comprehensive KnowledgeBase and an active user community.

In addition to this, while other vendors charge for software upgrades and new feature releases, Riverbed Support customers are entitled to them at no additional cost. Which is why, Riverbed helps their valued customers to ensure that they are the first in line to receive performance improvements and powerful new capabilities to meet their everevolving business needs.

Another aspect to the services Riverbed provides, is that they offer a certification program and technical training services that distinguishes both a client and their company as highly skilled in Riverbed solutions. Getting trained or certified not only increases their technical skills and ability to resolve issues, it enhances the long-term value and ROI of their Riverbed technology investments.

Looking ahead to what the future holds for this unstoppable, innovative firm, the team at Riverbed technologies hope to continue providing the exceptional level of service to their clients, which they’ve done for since their inception. In addition to this, they have set themselves new targets and goals, which they hope to achieve in the years to come.