People, Not Packages


ICON Relocation have one of the most experienced management teams in the industry, with over 100 years of management experience in the relocation sector. We spoke to CEO, Simon Johnston who has been selected in the 2017 Global Excellence Awards.

ICON Relocation aims to be the benchmark relocation company in the UK as judged by its clients and relocating assignees. It is this independence which gives the company the flexibility to be highly responsive and tailor its services and solutions to make process changed quickly and accurately, all of which reflect the clients’ changing requirements and expectations. Simon explains the beliefs behind the firm’s focus and dedication towards its clients.

“Essentially, we at ICON Relocation believe that, after your dreams and your health, where you live and those you live with are the most important part of your life. That is why our entire focus is to get every relocation right for our clients anywhere in the world. We care about this so much that we are dedicated to defining the industry standard for relocation services at every level of provision.”

Every single client that ICON Relocation works with is treated as an individual. Simon explains that the team at ICON listen to the client, working out what exactly is required to meet their needs, operating on a first name basis and treating the client as a friend.

“All of us at ICON Relocation share a commitment to that mission. We treat our clients not as a package but as a person, working out the best relocation plan in every case – for everyone, every team, every family – on the basis of where our clients are and, literally, where they need to be. Our clients do the talking, ICON Relocation does the listening and planning and together we do the moving.”

Believing in their own methods, the team at ICON Relocation are aware that relocating is not always easy. Some people are reluctant to move, however, the team ensure that the client is able to move along with their hearts, as Simon mentions, before commenting on the exceptional personal service which clients receive, having access to vital information on a daily basis.

“Anyone can relocate a person, moving hearts and minds is the art. That is what we do best. We have spent decades to become the world leader in understanding what relocation means to real people in real situations, because settled staff do great work in their new location.

“Every service is supported by industry leading assignee platform allowing for our clients and assignees to obtain vital information in real-time, 24/7. This includes access to ‘live’ rent map highlighting average rent for any location in the UK, digital home search agenda allowing full interaction with the schedule, as well as quick access to a wealth of vital information to support the relocation experience.”

Fundamentally, the unique and dynamic approach implemented by the team has allowed ICON Relocation to be one of the most award-winning relocation companies in the UK, holding a range of prestigious global awards from our clients, partners and industry bodies. Simon is keen to talk about these qualifications and certifications.

“As holders of the EuRA Quality Seal since 2008, (the world’s first accreditation program for relocation service providers), on the advisory board of ARP (Association of Relocation Professionals) as well as TIRA, the world’s largest relocation network group plus a USA based management company, global awareness and training is at the heart of company & staff development.”

Ultimately, customer satisfaction is what helps drive ICON Relocation forwards, as they take on the feedback that they receive, good or bad, and act on it to improve their services, meaning a customer can relocate in an exciting way.

“Basically, we love the feedback we receive from those we have helped to relocate because their words echo our mission is to make life’s journeys an inspirational delight rather than a hassle or distressing uncertainty. As a business, we make sure our relocation team’s mindset is not focused on a balance sheet, but on relationships. We have found that is the most profitable way to get along, and to make lifelong friends with our clients and those we move. Many of them go on to use us as individuals, knowing that we will make a great job of any move, leading to us believe there is an exciting future ahead.”

Company: Icon Relocation Ltd.

Contact: Simon Johnston

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Icon House, Fernbank Centre, High Street, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2QY

Phone: 01892 600 500