Makesworth: More Than Just Accountants

Makesworth Accountants is a leading firm of Chartered Certified Accountants located in Harrow. We caught up with Sanjay K Sah to find out more about the firm, which was recently named Best Accountancy & Business Advisory Firm of the Year 2018 – UK.

Since its inception in 2012, Makesworth has worked diligently to build on an enviable reputation for providing excellent advice and first-class services to both its businesses and personal clients. Sanjay explores how the firm has achieved this and its continued focus on excellence for every client it serves.

“Here at Makesworth, our approach is straightforward and driven by results. We firmly believe that accountancy is not just about accounts, payroll and tax, but about the assistance that we provide in the exciting journey of growing the client’s business. As part of this work, we offer highest quality of various Accounting and Taxation services for limited companies, owner managed businesses, professionals and sole traders. We have a vast portfolio of clients with wide range of services provided to the business, as well as a team of experts with plenty of knowledge and experiences.

“In order to continue providing this exceptional level of support and service to these clients, at Makesworth we strongly believe in the knowledge that we possess in terms of the industry we are in. Accounting has come a long way from a simple system of clay tokens to keep track of goods and animals, into a way of keeping track of complex financial information for business decisions. This has all been possible with the advancement of technology and we have embraced this change with time and technology to provide our clients with the most reliable piece of information as required. As part of our drive to achieve this, all our team members are comfortable and updated with new regulations, knowledge and technology.”

The firm’s dedicated and experienced team is central to its success, and as such Sanjay is proud to highlight their hard work and how they have helped him to create a supportive, collaborative internal culture which benefits staff and clients alike.

“Since inception, our passion towards this profession has been driven by the success of our clients whom we have catered for. We have always believed in acquiring more and more knowledge which has been of a huge impact in my Accounting Profession. The strong client relationship that has been built in the last six years since we created Makesworth has been the result of the dedication provided by my team of highly qualified professionals working together in the practice.”

Sanjay goes into further detail about the internal culture he has been able to create.

“As a whole, we have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels. This tends to develop better relationships with co-workers, and we are even more productive. We tackle with any issues together where everyone’s’ opinion is welcomed, and we celebrate our achievements together too.”

As the accountancy industry continues to change and clients’ expectations rise, firms such as Makesworth have to adapt in order to prosper, as Sanjay explains in his concluding comments.

“Over recent years the accounting industry has come a long way, and today accountants are moving from just a number cruncher to a reliable and trusted advisor. The advancement in technology, vast knowledge and of course the income associated with the profession has been able to attract the next generation workforce. Nowadays, there is an immense amount of talent in the field of accounting which will remove the current deficiency of talent in some specialised areas of finance. With a huge involvement of young generation and advancement of technology, we believe that the core challenge we are facing today is to cope with the rapid accounting revolution.”

Looking ahead, Sanjay reflects on the challenges the firm has had to overcome throughout the years, but highlights the great success they have recently had.

“As part of our drive to overcome this challenge and continue to offer our clients the solutions and support they need, at Makesworth we have been working extensively towards the development of our practice and we are looking forward to increase our client portfolio. We are glad that we have moved from our initial phase to a progressive one with the help of which are proud to receive this award from AI Acquisition International. Looking ahead, we will be adapting our service offering so that we can remain relevant and able to support our clients over the years to come.” 

Company: Makesworth Accountants

Contact: Sanjay K Sah

Address: Unit 101, First Floor, Cervantes House, 5-9 Headstone Road, Harrow, HA1 1PD, UK

Phone: 020 79938850