Lawyers in Libya

Mr. Rajab Bakhnug is Senior Partner and Managing Director of Bakhnug Law Firm. The firm specialises in business, construction, investment, contracting, litigation and arbitration.

Established in 1988, Bakhnug Law Firm is comprised of a multilingual team of lawyers who boast a wealth of expertise in between them. The team consists of founder Mr. Rajab Bakhnug; Mr. Ali Areebe; Mr. Saddin Ezarroug, and Mrs. Mysa Bakhnug, who speak both Arabic and English.

Boasting a strong reputation, Bakhnug is considered one of the major high-profile law firms in Libya due to its credibility, efficiency and decade of experience. Its areas of practice include corporate, commercial, construction, investment, oil, litigation and arbitration.

Due to a good and long experience, paralleled with maintaining of high standards of ethics and integrity in conducting the profession, Bakhnug has catapulted up the industry leading it establish itself as the top of the sector. In a very short time, the firm was well known locally and abroad as a corporate and commercial law firm, and was recognised for its excellence in the areas of business, construction, investment, oil, litigation and arbitration.

Providing clients with professional and high-quality advice, clients are usually attracted to the law firm if they require assistance with Libyan laws. With regard to its services, the firm is divided into two practice groups: Business and litigation. However, even though these two groups are divided, they work together as a team, ensuring they are able to deliver a comprehensive service to international clients in particular.

Interestingly, major clients of the firm are typically international institutions and private companies, and this includes a number of international companies operating in the construction, business, oil and investment industries within Libya.

Furthermore, the firm became a bright and safe place for clients to come to if they wanted to connect their businesses with other clients and receive good advice. International clients of the company include various large and well known international companies from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, China, South Korea, Holland, Cyprus, Brazil, Italy, as well as Austria.

Ultimately, the firm work in association with law firms in Washington DC, USA, the United Kingdom and Germany, showcasing the sterling reputation that the firm holds, both domestically and internationally. It is this reputation which has seen the firm stay in contact with many other international law firms worldwide, providing them with advice and explaining Libyan laws.

Company: Bakhnug Law Firm

Contact: Rajab Bakhnug