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In recent news, Alcami Corporation, a leading provider of fully-integrated custom end-to-end solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, announced a renewed partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to revitalise and repair the Hank Aaron State Trail in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the Pike Lake Hiking Trail in Hartford, Wisconsin.

In this month’s edition, Strada Media Nigeria Ltd is an alternative media and outdoor advertising firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. Recently, we spoke to the Managing Director of Strada Media, Amaka Okolo, to find out more about this innovative firm and how they have changed the media landscape in Nigeria, and across western Africa.

Elsewhere is this issue, Host Capital provides independent fund hosting services, alongside digital wealth and multi-asset fund solutions. We sat down with Host Capital’s Director, Geoff Brooks to find out more about this leading wealth and fund management firm and their exceptional accomplishments throughout the years.

Also in this edition, leading independent investment and advisory firm based in Nassau, The Bahamas, CFAL has a long and proven record of financial stability and integrity in all economic climates. Which is why, here at Acquisition Intl. Magazine, we profiled the innovative firm to discover more about they are able to provide consistent high-quality levels of service.

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