Now prospering in its fifth year, Acquisition International’s pioneering International Finance Awards will once again aim to recognise the key players, businesses and individuals whose dedicated work and tireless effort help to grow and support the world’s economy.

Focusing on a myriad of disciplines, our awards will strive to recognise and pay tribute to all who fall under the umbrella of ‘Finance’. From dedicated banking institutions and accountants, to the dedicated wealth and asset management firms – our awards will only recognise the best each sector has to offer.

From the largest, international corporations, to the small firms and individuals, the International Finance Awards will highlight only those who have proven themselves in this competitive and vital sector – only excellence is of importance.

To ensure that, once again, our awards are an authentic representation of the very best that the industry offer, we need your input.

Please fill out the below form, and share this page to ensure that only the best are selected.

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Alternatively, contact the programme coordinator Kaven Cooper: [email protected]


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