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Acquisition International are celebrating the pioneering work of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) globally for the second year running. Our program seeks to acknowledge the tireless efforts of the individuals whose work nurture a company’s financial conditions, steering their actions, whilst mitigating risks and considering liquidities. We believe this high-pressure position deserves recognition as CFOs are integral to any successful business in an often-volatile financial climate.

This year the Global CFO Awards are proudly Sponsored by Hospitality Minds, a key event which allows hospitality businesses to connect and collaborate, these awards showcase the best of the best from across this unique market and beyond exploring how market leaders from around the world and across the corporate landscape are achieving phenomenal success for both their company, their clients and their industry as a whole. 

Following last year’s success, our 2018 Global CFO Excellence Awards seek to commend the invaluable individuals and their achievements. We understand that the success of CFOs is also largely due to their relationship with service providers; therefore we look to shine the spotlight upon financial automations, software & systems, and management solutions.

Whilst we work hard behind the scenes, to identify those who prove to be exceptional within the corporate world, we hope you feel free to put forward yourself, or another deserving of recognition. To make a nomination, or vote for a candidate already nominated, please use the voting form provided below.

If you would like to submit M&A and other transactional/transformation data, testimonials, case studies or specific project information to strengthen your nomination please feel free to send these to Award co-ordinator Naomi Douglas at [email protected] (Please note no information submitted is provided to third parties).

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CFO Excellence Awards 2018

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