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Following last year’s success, our 2018 CFO Awards return to Acquisition International, to celebrate the pioneering work and tireless efforts of the Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) who nurture their company’s financial stability and growth.

We seek to commend the invaluable individuals who balance the books as well as those who provide them with the most advanced technology to facilitate the reporting process.

Working in such high-pressure positions deserves recognition, and we want to reveal the integral work you do for the benefit of your enterprise.

To assist us in our search for the top financial minds, we invite you to make your voice heard via a nomination, or vote for a candidate already nominated, please use the voting form provided below.

If you would like to submit additional information, testimonials, case studies or specific project information to strengthen your nomination please feel free to send these to Award co-ordinator Steven Simpson at [email protected] (Please note no information submitted is provided to third parties).


Find out more on our FAQ page, click here

Voting is now closed.

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