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MORGENSTERN is a German law firm which is specialising in information technology law and data protection. Founder and Managing Partner Jan Morgenstern provides us with a fascinating overview of the firm, which recently won Most Outstanding IT & Media Lawyers 2017 – Germany in our 2017 Global Excellence Awards.

Drawing on the vast industry expertise of its staff, MORGENSTERN supports a wide range of clients, including discerning private individuals, investors, artists, authors and web designers as well as local authorities, public corporations and companies of all sizes.

Attorney at Law and Specialist Lawyer in IT Law Jan advises nationally and internationally active companies and corporations as a nationally soughtafter expert in the development and implementation of data protection organizations and IT compliance management systems. He proudly discusses the firm’s mission and the challenges it has to overcome to achieve this.

“Here at MORGENSTERN, our overall mission is to face the new and upcoming legal questions and to support our clients by managing the period of digitization. The greatest challenge we face is to integrate innovation into our and our clients’ work by realising and valuating the risks – especially with regard to Data Protection and IT-Security.

“Specifically, for EU companies in general the major challenge will be to be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The penalties that could be imposed are really threatening: We are talking about up to 20 Million EUR. For companies out of the EU, it will be more or less the same challenge; because an EU based company that is transferring personal data out of the EU is risking high penalties without checking and contractually specify an adequate level of data protection. Concerning worldwide networked IT, there are mutual efforts needed – within and outside the EU, in contractual and technical respects.

“To support our clients and ensure that they are always at the forefront of these developments, we are constantly learning from our clients and our clients are learning from us. This is a very important aspect of our work, especially as we are working in a high technology environment.”

It is the firm’s collaborative approach and supportive internal culture that has helped drive it to the success it enjoys today and is central to setting the firm apart from its competitors, as Jan is keen to highlight.

“What sets us apart in this competitive market is the fact that MORGENSTERN is not an impersonal acting global law firm. Our clients appreciate our personal and businessman approach. We are talking face to face to our clients on the same level. We are highly specialized in Information Technology, which means we are understanding what our clients are talking about and are able to communicate efficiently and effectively. Our internal culture is based on mutual respect and the understanding that we have a privilege to live in a peaceful and democratic environment, which we should never forget.”

As he looks to the future Jan foresees an increased need for firms such as his, and as such is eager to grow MORGENSTERN even further and capitalise on its current success, as he concludes.

“With regards to the future, the importance data protection and IT-Security will increase and increase. At MORGENSTERN, we have realised this point of view very early, which means we are already in the position to support and create solutions. Being compliant with legal provisions with regard to data protection and IT-security is no longer only a formal aspect. From the company`s point of view, it is simply necessary and a mandatory act of self-defence. Hacker attacks are constantly in the news, and the ‘Snowden- effect’, as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation are forcing companies and managers to build up a data protection management system which includes effective measures in IT-security.

“Overall, MORGENSTERN is planning to step up and operate on a more international level, as IT is a global phenomenon and we are keen to share our expertise with the wider industry and work with more clients around the world.” 

Company: MORGENSTERN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Contact: Jan Morgenstern

Address: Maximilianstraße 49, Speyer, D-67346, Germany

Phone: 0049 6232 1001 19-0

Website: www.m-kanzlei.de