Back for our fourth consecutive year, the 2018 Corporate Immigration & Relocation Awards plans to recognise the very best firms and professionals who work to ensure the most instrumental individual is present in the most opportune place, at the right time to have the greatest impact for all stakeholders.

Throughout 2017, political, social and monetary factors presented a host of challenges for the global mobility industry. To overcome these challenges, global mobility firms have had to react flexibly and exploit new opportunities to garner success. AI magazine intends to reward the organisations and individuals who have built on their strengths, and overcome the quagmires to excel in this increasingly competitive market.

We welcome nominations from across the globe and from a variety of sectors; from relocation management companies, destination services providers, and immigration consultants, to providers of business-travel services, corporate housing and cross-cultural support. As always, with all our award programs, this program is based entirely on merit. Each and every one of our winners can truly rest assured that their recognition was genuinely deserved.

Our teams will carefully scrutinise our nominees’ performances over the past 12 months, their commitment to innovation, their client service, and even their competition, to ensure that only the most deserving names walk away with one of our prestigious titles.

Find out more about our previous winners below and, please make your voice heard and place your nomination below:

Voting is now closed.

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