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Over previous years, Exceedra has seen its reputation grow, and now the company possesses a global reputation as the go-to software vendor. Jennifer Nicholas provides us with an insight into the inner workings of the company, as we find out what makes it so successful.

Aiming to drive trade promotional effectiveness, sales and profitability for consumer food manufacturers, Exceedra has built a sterling reputation, and has resulted in its success in achieving Best for Integrated Business Planning & Revenue Management in 2017 Global Excellence Awards. Jennifer tells us how the company feels after winning this award.

“Exceedra are delighted to receive this award. It shows that people recognise the focus and investment that Exceedra have made. Key aspects of our work include; The Exceedra Software-as-aService (SaaS) or on-premise solution, is totally scalable and can be used by consumer goods companies, both large or small. Exceedra has an excellent and growing customer base in the UK and the USA including: ACH Foods, Bayer Consumer Health, Birds Eye, McKee, Organix, Perrigo, Pladis, Taylors of Harrogate, Tyrrells Crisps and Weetabix. All of them have all seen significant benefit through using Exceedra Promotional Planning and Insight Solutions, and they can therefore have more meaningful, factual discussions with their retailers supported by means of live analytics.”

Having been new to the market in 2010, Exceedra entered the industry already possessing a wealth of experience and knowledge. Jennifer notes how this previous experience enables the firm to stand out amongst its competitors. Achieving great customer satisfaction on its solutions, the company was able to catapult itself further up the industry ladder.

“In 2010, Exceedra was new to the market, but born out of a wealth of experience of the consumer goods marketplace. We believe this enabled us to differentiate from our peers and we knew there was the opportunity for a new entrant. The consistent feedback we receive is that our solution looks fresh, and is easy to use and importantly provides full coverage around consumer goods commercial planning.”

Detailing the services that the company offers, Jennifer talks about the company’s speciality, commercial planning. Furthermore, the company differentiates further on its specialisation, working with a variety of clients and members of staff.

“Significantly, commercial planning is all we do, indeed Exceedra are specialists in this space whereas many of our competitors offer lots of other services as well – business intelligence generalists. We differentiate on our specialisation. Exceedra works with analysts, professional bodies and importantly our clients, to ensure that having gained a leadership position, we stay abreast of market trends and requirements. We want to be the standard that everyone looks towards, for both trade promotion effectiveness and efficiency for many years to come.”

Another aspect of the firm’s ability to mark itself out as the best possible option for clients, is its robust and comprehensive solution that it is able to offer. Jennifer alludes to the high-profile clients that the company has worked with as a sign of its success.

“Exceedra offers a more comprehensive and robust solution than our competitors, in that we offer it in a single and easy to use package, vital components for winning the hearts and minds of sales teams. The company regularly join a short list including SAP, Oracle and Accenture, fine testimony to the fact that we are disrupting the market and were acknowledged earlier this year, as a real challenger by a global dairy company.”

Putting into practice its stringent recruitment policies, the company is able to attract the best talent which suits each individual area that the firm works in, as Jennifer refers to. She goes on to discuss the employees in further detail, citing the open communication that staff has a major factor in its success.

“Throughout the company, Exceedra pride ourselves on the company’s recruitment policies. Indeed, we can attract consultants with the correct mix of specialist commercial planning skills and first-class developers, who buy into our vision.

“Essentially, the company wants to be the best solution provider in the trade promotion arena. We offer career open to talent, and provide individuals with the opportunity to lead from an early stage in their career. At Exceedra, we recruit from within wherever possible and offer a full mentoring/ coaching programme for all employees. Also, we have a work hard, play hard mentality and encourage social activity as part of overall team building. Exceedra believes that we are a very open company and genuinely encourage employees to share their views with both peers and management alike.”

Jennifer signs off by outlining Exceedra’s eventual goal, and how there is now a solution and workplace ethos which enables the firm to succeed.

“Exceedra believes that we have now delivered the appropriate level of disruption, to demonstrate that we must be doing something right. We are now included in the RFI/RFP process for most companies as standard. The company know we have a solution that delivers, as we have many customer references that endorse that position. The company’s goal now is to extend our presence to be a truly global player.

Ultimately, the last word goes to co-founder, Richard Nicholas, who is keen to highlight that the company operates on a customer first basis, and will continue to do so as it build on its ongoing success.

“Crucial to our success, we have always put the customer at the heart of the business, we believe that enterprise solutions should be simplified for the end user, while still delivering differentiating business capabilities that drive business benefits.”

Company: Exceedra

Contact: Jennifer Roberts

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Address: Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London, SE1 7SJ, UK

Phone: 0844 556 1242

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